Create a Positive PD Experience

K-12 professional development is often met with teachers’ negative perception, even when strategies are done with good intention so they can learn to grow. Strive for success in training teachers by keeping these simple strategies in mind:

  • Continuously reference your school’s mission, goals and values.
  • Identify present state of knowledge and the preferred reach.
  • Student achievement results should drive the focus of training.
  • Create a platform where teachers consult with one another, observe classrooms, discuss and share teaching practices, promote support and ensure consistent teaching for all their students.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. Keep training light-hearted and enjoyable!
  • Incorporate training resources that teach “how do I do that” and “how do I apply that” with ever-changing technology to encourage continuous learning and tech integration in the classroom.

Professional development activities can re-energize your team and develop effective teaching strategies if done right. Enhance and empower your team and share in sweet success.
P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning