Creating a Customized Professional Development Program, Part 3

In Part 1, we completed a 21st Century Skills Professional Development Worksheet to clarify the goals of our program. In Part 2, we looked at using an assessment to determine where skills training might be best applied. Part 3 brings us to skills development itself.

The challenge of applying what is learned through assessment is providing training that's convenient and timely. If you aren't able to make the additional demands on your teachers simple and quick, they may not be completed successfully. The best way to accomplish this is through anytime, anywhere training in small portions that don't overwhelm.

Offering Atomic Learning as a support resource allows teachers and students to find answers to technology question on-demand, substituting conveniently brief, context-specific tutorials for the longer time investment of conventional coursework. Making it available 24/7 from any location enhances the likelihood of participation.

For real-world insight into this topic, listen in as a panel from Lincoln Public Schools share how they successfully integrated just-in-time training into their PD program.

Next week: Analyzing progress to maximize the benefits of your professional development program.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning