Develop research skills in and out of classroom

Strengthen your online research skills before marking a name on your ballot on Tuesday. It’s not hard to find the facts online and broadening your research skills will benefit you -- and your students. Use these tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the candidates, from governor and judges to local school board representatives.
  • Visit the candidates’ websites, then enter the candidates’ names into a search engine.
  • Dig deep so you can see news of what the candidates have done in the past. Recent news will typically try to steer you to vote for (or against) them.
  • Refer to their current and past promises and make sure they are consistent.
  • Check all past victories and failures to see a thorough track record of your candidate.
  • Look towards an impartial source, such as The League of Women Voters, to gather unbiased information.

It’s your responsibility to make informed decisions based on your research. These skills can be applied to your students’ research projects as well. Thorough research, paired with accurate citing of sources, creates responsible digital citizens.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning