How to justify PD spending

When dealing with budget concerns in your district, how can you best justify spending for PD purposes? Transparency is key. Communication regarding budget issues (in good times or bad) and having an ongoing relationship with the community and the media will guide you to success.

Make use of board meetings to relay information, or ask parent-teacher groups to write letters to the editor to make the public aware; take advantage of the communication tools you have in-district, including the website, newsletters, radio, email communications, etc. Start a blog to share how you envision the current and future state of professional development in your district. Encourage participation and communication through this tool. Add polls to gauge where concerns are, and remember -- participation is more likely if anonymity is allowed.

The key is to maintain consistent, regular and two-way communication. If people feel they have a voice, they are more likely to support your cause.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning