Impacting Student Achievement

A successful 21st century skills PD program will empower educators with the necessary knowledge, training and resources to integrate 21st century skills into the classroom and ultimately impact student achievement.

To ensure that the skills your teachers have learned are being transferred into the classroom, you need to clarify the following:

  • How you will successfully integrate 21st century skills into the classroom? Will you use specific 21st century skills projects? Will you allow each teacher to create new projects? Will you encourage your teachers to alter their current lesson plans so they include more research, group projects, presentations and technology?
  • How and when you will gauge your students' level of 21st century skills proficiency? Will you assess the students at the start and end of each semester? Will you give them an online assessment? Will you assign them a 21st century skills project?

It is crucial to your students' future success to leave your school or district with a firm grasp on 21st century skills. Your 21st century skills PD program does not have to be complicated or expensive. The right program will save your district money by bringing relevant, customizable training and reporting right to your teachers.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning