Just-in-time PD Training is the Trend

Last week’s PD Tips focused on the top key challenge facing education technology in the coming years—based on the 2011 Horizon Report K-12 Edition (pdf) —teacher preparation and ongoing training. This edition revolves around the ongoing trend toward immediate and easy access to technology and technology for learning.

According to the report’s researchers: "Life in an increasingly busy world where learners must balance demands from home, work, school, and family poses a host of logistical challenges with which mobile students must cope. A faster approach is often perceived as a better approach, and as such people want easy and timely access not only to the information on the network, but to their social networks that can help them to interpret it and maximize its value. The implications for informal learning are profound, as are the notions of 'just-in-time' learning and 'found' learning, both ways of maximizing the impact of learning by ensuring it is timely and efficient."

We can’t deny that we are all busy. How will you change what you’re currently doing to offer PD training to meet this learning style and make the most impact? For helpful information on building or refining your PD plan, click here.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning