Online Professional Development is Key to Infrastructure for Learning

The fourth goal of the National Ed Tech Plan recently released revolves around infrastructure. The intent and ultimate goal is to provide all students and educators access to a complete framework for learning when and where they need it. The framework should not be assumed to only involve servers, software and internet connectivity; it includes constant review of people, processes, learning resources and policies for continued improvement.

Once the tools are in place, it will be important for constant learning to continue. The importance of online professional development training is evident through these benefits:

  • flexibility and versatility
  • potential to build community among teachers and across groups
  • new possibilities for accountability
  • improvement of teacher retention by enabling teachers to become more directly involved in their own learning and professional growth, and
  • blended professional development makes the most of the access to technology, combining online and face-to-face interaction.

Because an infrastructure for learning should support learning in and out of the classroom, students and educators need Internet access devices for around-the-clock use from any location. Building this infrastructure will take leadership and a commitment to a shared understanding of its importance to transforming U.S. education.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning