Overcome Digital Media Illiteracy

A new report has identified key challenges facing education technology in the coming years, ranging from changing economics to instructional practices that have failed to adapt to the evolving technology landscape. For the 2011 Horizon Report K-12 Edition, the No. 1 challenge identified in ed tech is with teachers themselves and the inadequacy of their preparation and ongoing training.

How can we overcome digital media illiteracy? First and foremost, make professional development revolving around technology available.

"The challenge is due to the fact that despite the widespread agreement on its importance, training in digital literacy skills and techniques is rare in teacher education and school district professional development programs," the report said.

Teachers who are able to model and apply 21st Century skills in the design, implementation, and evaluation of the learning experiences they provide for their students will be more likely to create a transformative learning environment in their classrooms. Additionally, they will also grow professionally and be effective contributors toward maintaining a flexible, dynamic educational system in a rapidly changing digital and global society.

Creating effective teachers is the name of the game. When focusing on the 21st Century skills needed to develop college and career ready students, digital literacy is that much easier to achieve.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning