Smooth Transitions

If you’re transitioning from one OS to another this summer, get your teachers up to speed quickly by adding an online learning resource to your PD Plans. Here are a few benefits:

  • Immediate - Delivery over the Internet enables e-Learning to begin with a few mouse clicks -- and with iPads and iPods, it’s even more convenient to learn on the go.
  • ROI - Online training can be much cheaper than instructor-led courses. And, extend the reach of your PD - it's more than just learning how the new system(s) work, but how to integrate the new technology into curriculum to improve student achievement.
  • Self-Directed and Convenient – Your team can learn at their own pace with unlimited access 24/7 (which will keep them focused on other priorities in the fall).
  • Cohesive Integration - Easily integrate with your current LMS by posting related training on new technologies or classroom tech integration tips.

Save yourself some training headaches, and use your – and your team’s – time more wisely. Budget an online training resource into your PD Planning.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning