Tech Integration Barriers: Are you Doing your Part?

Early research indicated that if teachers had access to enough equipment and training, classroom integration would follow. However, a variety of barriers - from personal fears to technical issues - may prevent the full integration of technology within a classroom. Keep these pointers in mind to hold up your end of the "barrier bargain":

  • Know what’s expected of you and of your students – traditional perceptions could be standing in your way
  • Empower students to become technology experts in the classroom – encourage them to share their expertise with their peers (and teachers!)
  • Learn from your peers and students – use your peers’ progress to motivate you to learn more or to teach them
  • Seek out the resources to help you – collaborate in online learning groups, develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN).

If you have access to new technology, some time to learn new skills, training and support from your administration and staff, you’re set to overcome the barriers that may be holding you back from successfully integrating technology in your classroom.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning