Understanding role of technology is essential

The fifth and final goal of the recently released National Ed Tech Plan is productivity: using technology to help schools become more productive and accelerate student achievement while managing costs.

Having leaders throughout our education system who understand the role of technology is essential. How can your professional development efforts be more productive? By expanding your professional development opportunities online, you’ll have job-related training anytime, anywhere with minimal disruption to classroom instruction. You’ll engage in meaningful conversations, enrich their classroom instruction, and collaborate with peers to promote exceptional teaching. We’ve covered the many different means of collaborating online to gain knowledge – creating a PLN, visiting blogs, twitter hashtags, and more.

But don’t limit yourself to only online opportunities; a blended learning approach is ideal for your professional development as well as for your students’ learning. It’s not only a nice change of pace, but also very cost-effective.

P.D. Tips courtesy of Atomic Learning