This classroom-management software now includes class lists and settings profiles, laptop-battery monitoring, and the ability to co-browse the Internet. Teachers can now randomly select a student, and students can ask the teacher questions electronically without raising their hands. Up to 3,000 students can be monitored from a single console. LanSchool v7.3 now supports Windows Vista 64 and Windows Server 2008. Price: $599 per classroomCategory: classroom-management software
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SMART TableST230i

The newly enhanced SMART TableST230i interactive learning center (www.smarttech.com/table) includes a SMART Sync classroom management software license that enables teachers to transfer content between their computer and the SMART Table. They can then monitor and control student activity, and display the SMART Table screen image on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Additionally, integration with the SMART Document Camera enables students to capture images directly onto the SMART Table in real time. The SMART Table Toolkit—used by teachers to customize and create content—now provides direct access to thousands of SMART Notebook collaborative learning software Gallery items, and allows teachers to preview SMART Table activities on their computer.

Manage classroom behavior

Educators can now use Pearson’s Response to Intervention (RTI) and progress monitoring system AIMSweb® to screen, identify, and manage student behavior and social skills in the classroom.


The Lightspeed High-Capacity Network Solutions enhance user safety and productivity and strengthen network security. The integrated hardware- software packages feature two new network appliances: Lightspeed Rocket, Web Access Manager; and Lightspeed Rocket, Email Manager. Using Lightspeed Rocket, Web Access Manager’s monitoring and reporting tools, district administrators can review all user activity to enforce acceptable use policies, troubleshoot problems, and make adjustments as needed. Lightspeed Rocket, Email Manager provides districts with efficient and effective spam blocking and email archiving for high-capacity networks.Price: Contact company for pricing.Category: internet security


The Netop ProtectOn Pro combines hard-disk protection with remote management and Internet, application, and device controls. Netop built this new solution on the foundation of the popular ProtectOn2, which allowed teachers to automatically roll back virus damage and unwanted changes that students might make to classroom computers. Netop ProtectOn Pro can protect data and system integrity by controlling user access to USB and Wi-Fi devices, hard disks, floppy drives, Web sites, and software applications. It can automatically restore computers and erase damage from viruses and unwanted downloads. Price: U.S. education pricing starts at $19/computer for schools with 25 or more computers. Volume discounts available. Category: remote management