This software enables users of any age to take ordinary photos and turn them into unique compositions. Students use it to cut out an unlimited number of people and props from digital images using a technique that resembles painting by numbers. The cutouts are then layered onto a background of choice and embellished with a set of controls, including blending tools; retouching tools for object colors, tints, and transparency; and the ability to add titles, captions, and speech bubbles. Price: retail price, $39.95; education discounts available Category: photo editing
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Picture Notes With Your Camera Phone

As I visit classrooms I find myself taking notes, either in a notebook, on my laptop, or on my cellphone/PDA, to help me remember my visit. Recently I have also begun using the camera on my phone to take pictures of classroom displays and student work, and then I email them back to myself. Once back in my office, I

BEESWAX: Picture and News from Around the World

 BEESWAX is a photographic news reporting service that uses briefly captioned photographs to inform young learners about recent newsworthy events from every corner of the globe. Updated twice weekly. courtesy of netTrekker

Playing With Time

Playing With Time Playing With Time is an exhibit that offers a look at events in the natural world that happen too quickly or too slowly for mere mortals to perceive. By clicking on "to see and do" at the top of the page you are able to access galleries of images and video that document these changes.


The Consortium on Reading Excellence (CORE) has partnered with Teachscape. Together with intensive professional development, on-site support for reading and math, and Teachscape’s online resources, CORE will be able to deliver a 24/7 professional-development program for literacy and math educators. Teachers will be able to study material at their convenience and review the information as many times as necessary to perfect skills relating to a topic or concept.Price: Call for pricing. Category: professional development

Visual sketch: Eurasia in pictures

Stuck inside on a cold winter's day? Why not virtually venture across the largest land mass in world? Through photos and commentary, Japanese photographer Yoshiaki Kitas documents how people's lives and surroundings vary by climate and elevation across Eurasia and


GENERAL-PURPOSE: Sony’s new VPL-TX7 and VPL-TX70 both offer closed-captioning capabilities, an RJ-45 port for network control and monitoring, as well as the ability to schedule e-mail notifications of projector status. A range of I/O includes two RGB inputs and a monitor output with one variable audio out. The TX7 lists for $1,090 and the TX70 for $1,230. While both have a 3,000-hour lamp life, the TX7 is 2,000 lumens, while the TX70 is 2,600.INEXPENSIVE: The VPL-ES7 offers native SVGA (800x600) resolution and light output of 2,000 lumens. It accepts a wide variety of input signals from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), including composite video, S-Video and analog RGB/component via the HD D-sub 15-pin. The VPL-ES7 (shipping this month) has a list price of $750, but Sony says it should retail for about $529. Its lamp life ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 hours.HIGH-DEFINITION: Sony offers native HD projectors such as the VPL-FH300L (1,080) and VPL-FW300L, VPL-EW5, VPLCW125 and VPL-FW41 (720P). These range in price from about $1,000 to $40,000.