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Samsung Opto-Electronics America ( announces the Samsung UF-130DX Presentation Station, a high-definition digital presenter with an onboard processor running Windows CE. The ability to work with several memory devices, such as compact flash cards, SD cards, and even USB flash drives, allows users not only to save their presentations but also to upload their files to the UF-130DX for playback. The UF-130DX is also networkable (via Ethernet 10/100). Attach any USB keyboard and mouse to access the Internet directly from the document camera. If a presentation was left behind on another system, use the UF-130DX Remote Desktop Control to access a remote PC via a campus network to download the file. Also unique to the UF- 130DX is the ability to provide live dual outputs from the document camera as well as the input source. These live displays can be sent to several monitors for side-by-side viewing or overlaid on a single display for picture-in-picture viewing.
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Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Electronics America ( launched the Samsung 650TS (shown), a 65-inch LCD touchscreen, and the Samsung 650FP, a 65-inch LCD screen. The Samsung 650TS and 650FP are Samsung’s first 65-inch large-format displays. The 650TS is an interactive whiteboard with a high-definition LCD touchscreen and communication features such as screen synchronization. It is compatible with widely used applications like Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe PDF.

LG Electronics

LG Electronics’ N4B1 Network Attached Storage ( is an NAS device with a built-in Blu-ray drive. The N4B1 offers advanced data management with data archiving and automatic disc back-up features. This unique drive has up to four TB of storage through four-bay configurations, allowing all a school’s data to be stored in the system without files having to be deleted to make room. The built-in Blu-ray rewriter serves as a secondary storage medium, with each disc holding between 25 and 50 GB for teachers, principals, or administrators who manage large amounts of data. When data are saved to the Blu-ray disc, the N4B1 automatically creates a catalog of the disc’s contents for easier archiving, streamlining work for the end-user

Sharp Electronics

Sharp Electronics ( announced a special deal for schools: for every PG-F267X Projector purchased by K-12 educational end-user organizations between now and June 30, Sharp is offering a free “classroom pack” of 25 Sharp WriteView EL-W535B Educator Scientific Calculators, with an estimated total retail value of $325. Sharp’s PG-F267X is the company’s first short-throw DLP BrilliantColor professional projector, combining the high brightness and convenience of a short-throw design with the fine image quality and reliability of BrilliantColor DLP technology.

Put to the Test: Samsung UF-130DX Digital Presenter promo image

Put to the Test: Samsung UF-130DX Digital Presenter

The Samsung UF 130DX Digital Presenter has 720i high definition wide screen document camera with windows CE built in. In a science class, a teacher could display a sample of an organism then using the PIP feature of this equipment

Samsung announces new grant promo image

Samsung announces new grant

Samsung Techwin America has implemented a grant program, “Focus on Learning,” that it will offer 50 Samsung 850DX document cameras to American K 12 teachers based on need. All K 12 teachers in the U.S. are eligible to apply applications


The compact AVerVision CP300 digital document camera has a 3.2 megapixel sensor,  8X digital zoom + 2X AVERZOOM (total 16X zoom), fast-response auto focus, laser positioning guide, split screen, and picture-in-picture. The camera can store up to 80 images and will support 1280x720 resolution. There is also a selection of online lesson plans, software tutorial and training video to help teachers get started. The software for this camera allows for the complete control of the camera from a computer. Presenters can annotate an image on the camera. They also have both remote viewing and remote control of the camera over a LAN.  Pros:  Unlike some other document cameras, the CP300 is very easy to move from one classroom to another. The software is very easy to use and learn. Since the camera allows users to record and annotate any process, a teacher in any subject can record something she wishes to teach or remediate and annotate the process. This is recorded as an avi file, which means the teacher can then post in on her Web page for students to view. This is in addition to all the standard functions of a document camera. The split screen and picture-in-picture screen allows the teacher to display both a “live” sample and a reference sample (from one of the 80 stored images), or from the Web on the screen at the same time. There is also a microscope adaptor available. Cons: The advanced features might take longer to learn than on some document cameras. But the online software tutorial and training videos are helpful and the basic set-up and operation is as simple as most. Overall Impression: At $700, this is an affordable and worthwhile addition to any classroom.   Retail Price: $699-- Joe Huber

Samsung announces new grant

Samsung Techwin America has implemented a grant program, “Focus on Learning,” that it will offer 50 Samsung 850DX document cameras to American K 12 teachers based on need. All K 12 teachers in the U.S. are eligible to apply applications