This notation and composition software platform was designed for students in grades three through 12. Based on the same popular software used by industry professionals, Sibelius Student offers a tightly packaged set of features designed to help students complete musictheory assignments, compose pieces for real ensembles, score music to video, and increase their literacy in music notation while it provides teachers with specific features for classroom use and classroom management. Sibelius Student is also available as a Network Pack, which includes 20 seats of Sibelius Student and a single copy of Sibelius 6 Professional Edition to help educators prepare lessons and supervise classroom work remotely. Price: $99, MSRP; 20-seat network packs, $1,499 Category: music
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Inspiration 9 is an enhanced and updated version of the original software. New features include the Presentation Manager, which automatically creates bulleted slides and graphics from a student’s diagram, mind map, or outline. Inspiration 9 also features a new Map View, which allows students to create and think in mind maps. Price: single license upgrades $29.95; regular single copies $69; 5-computer license packs $310; 10-packs $550; 20-packs $895 Category: concept mapping

The Qwizdom Q6 Student Response System

The Qwizdom Q6 Student Response System ( offers more opportunity for collaboration than any previous system; it includes an easy-to-use keypad similar to that of a cell phone, text input, and a larger LCD screen for viewing full responses. The small, ergonomic radio-frequency remotes allow each student to communicate with the teacher from up to 328 feet away and are durability tested to withstand the rigors of the classroom. Software used with Q6 remotes is both PC- and Mac-friendly, integrating easily with PowerPoint and Keynote. Additionally, Qwizdom Connect software works with hundreds of thousands of premade curriculum resource slides. The Q6 allows the student to enter scientific, mathematic, superscript and subscript expressions, along with punctuation symbols found on a cell phone.

Sibelius Student

from Technology & Learning Sibelius Student is the latest in a long line of music education software products from the UK-based company. Basically a scaled-down version of the flagship Sibelius music notation software, Student sells for hundreds of dollars less than the full version without stripping away


These programs provide musicians, students, and educators with powerful, flexible tools for ear training and music theory education. Designed for musicians of all levels, Auralia and Musition offer drill-based, interactive instruction through versatile but structured exercises and give users instant feedback on their performance. Both programs also offer Solfège support and include customizable syllabi from AP Music Theory and Trinity Guildhall. And for the first time, Auralia and Musition are available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms with the same feature set.Price: $149, separately; $249, bundle Category: music

Calypso Systems

has unveiled the newest version of its popular soundfield-reinforcement technology, the WCMRF Voice Amplification System. The new WCM-RF features functional enhancements designed to improve sound and increase intelligibility in the classroom. The new WCM-RF system, Calypso’s first voice-amplification product with a 20-band digital equalizer as a standard feature, provides customized sound quality for a variety of environments.(

Sharp Electronics

Sharp Electronics ( announced a special deal for schools: for every PG-F267X Projector purchased by K-12 educational end-user organizations between now and June 30, Sharp is offering a free “classroom pack” of 25 Sharp WriteView EL-W535B Educator Scientific Calculators, with an estimated total retail value of $325. Sharp’s PG-F267X is the company’s first short-throw DLP BrilliantColor professional projector, combining the high brightness and convenience of a short-throw design with the fine image quality and reliability of BrilliantColor DLP technology.

Student Information Systems

About Student Information Systems (SIS)           Student Information System (SIS) is a web based application software designed to introduce a conducive and structured information exchange environment for integrating students, parents, teachers and the administration of a school or college. Some of