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Literature and Life

Literature and Life PBS explores African-American literature, from slave narratives to the work of contemporary artists. This comprehensive site explores the authors, era, and impact of the literature. There are also audio clip readings and video clip interviews.

Outline of American Literature

Outline of American Literature Part of the U.S. Department of State's impressive International Information Programs, this incredibly detailed and scholarly Website presents an overview of American literature chronologically. It divides the topic into 10 chapters, from Early American and Colonial

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database

Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database NYU's Literature, Arts and Medicine Database is a collection of writings, art and film related to the medical humanities. This extensive section offers a look at dozens of works of literature from Jane Austin to Richard Wright. Each work is annotated with

Literature by Author Vocabulary

On this site you’ll find vocabulary lists from works by authors from Mitch Albom, who wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, to Richard Wright’s Black Boy, and 153 other novels in between.

The Norton Anthology of American Literature

The Norton Anthology of American Literature Here is the famous and beloved Norton Anthology online. Each volume, divided by years, is there. Clicking on a specific volume provides students with self-grading quizzes, outlines and summaries of the six periods, timelines with