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Best Books to Read Now

What am I recommending to teachers and others for their fall reading?
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What am I recommending to teachers and others for their fall reading? Because I think education struggles for lack of a core canon of work that summarizes the current state of our profession, I suggest Salman Khan’s The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined as a great place to start for both experienced professionals and newcomers. Khan explains his desire to individualize education for each learner and also talks about Carleton Washburne, a progressive era educator, and his classic plan to individualize education (known today as the Winnekta Plan). I also recommend Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains and Charles Wheelon’s Naked Statistics. For those who prefer less paper and more video, try Mark Barnes’s Teaching the iStudent. The booklists from Education Closet and Andrew Potter are both excellent, as is Online Learning Insight’s 2015 Must Read List.

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Books Read Aloud

If you are looking for a cool website that you would like to recommend your students to practice listening in a nice way, here is Just Books Read Aloud.



STEM and STEAM initiatives are similar in many ways to previous efforts to value and order what students should focus on in Pre-K–12 education.