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Congress for Kids(3)

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Congress for Kids

Congress for Kids offers a tour covering all major aspects of the federal government. Includes quizzes to check for understanding.

The Dirksen Congressional Center

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Congress for Kids(2)

Congress for Kids Users may click 'the Capitol Door' to take brief three brief quizzes on various aspects of our system of government, or they may go directly to the excellent tutorials on topics such as: Democracy, Democracy vs. Autocracy, The Original Thirteen Colonies, The Declaration of

Congress For Kids

Name: Congress For Kids Brief Description of the Site: Presented by The Dirksen Congressional Center (named for the late Republican Congressman), this fact-filled site teaches the basics of U.S. government in a straightforward manner. There are colorful graphics but the text is of primary importance, as it

Open Congress

Open Congress With continual bad-mouthing from everyone from our President on down, Congress could certainly use some friends—or at least people who understand its workings. This site provides just that, allowing users to track specific bills, view the most popular bills, view "This Week in

Congress: Teaching It

Congress: Teaching It As educators it is our job to provide our students with the information that will help them make informed choices rather than follow the herd. To help students better understand Congress this site offers links to its own lesson plans, to plans available on the Web, to

Library of Congress: Immigration

A content rich site and Library of Congress "Featured Presentation" that looks at the immigration experiences of Americans from many backgrounds and countries. Includes lesson suggestions and resources, online immigration vocabulary games (including one on the origin of English words),

Mexico for Kids

Name: Mexico for Kids Brief Description of the Site: Sponsored by the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Mexico, this site, available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian, provides a kid-friendly look at many aspects of our neighbor to the south. The site features seven content areas entitled

FEMA for Kids

FEMA for Kids FEMA for Kids provides information on how to cope with lots of disasters, including floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more. Kids can create an emergency supply kit, become a Disaster Action Kid, or learn how to care for their pets in difficult situations. The site includes games,