Editors Desk: Let’s Get it Done

(Image credit: Future)

Against my better judgement, I will make the assumtion that you are reading this ditty the old-fashioned way— ink on paper. Of course it could be on your tablet or mobile. Or you may have clicked to it online at techlearning.com. But let’s pretend it’s the dead-tree edition for the sake of argument.

It’s still a great way to read isn’t it? As much as we like to tout the advantages of the paperless this and digital that, browsing through magazine pages is still one of my favorite ways to consume content.

The reason? Curation. While online newsfeeds and social media sites are bursting with edtech ideas and commentary and debate and criticism and insults and downright dreck, you can generally be assured a print publication will have at least made an attempt to give the reader a solid parcel of insight, news, and analysis.

Because of these sentiments the editors have decided to start a new section of the print publication called How It’s Done. These articles are the curated “Best Of ” part of the Tech&Learning mission—providing tools and ideas for edtech leaders. Except these short essays have an addendum—Tools and ideas for edtech leaders by edtech leaders. These aren’t bylined by product managers or PR agencies (not that we don’t like those folks!) that you can find online but by actual administrators and educators working in schools today.

We like to think that this curation of information along with the print-based format of information dissemination continues to be a valuable tool for you and your work. Of course, as always, we love to hear about your best practices, no matter what platform you prefer!

— Kevin Hogan
     Managing Director,
     Content kevin.hogan@futurenet.com