Editor’s Note: MONEY MATTERS

Editor’s Note: MONEY MATTERS

Our annual Money issue arrives each July with what we hope are the Three H’s of advice on money: How to find it, How to spend it, and How to save it.

First, some tips from schools that found it. Our SchoolCIO editor, Ellen Ullman, scoured grantwinning schools that we have profiled in the past and found that those winnings can be the catalyst to changing the entire culture of a classroom: “In the beginning, I thought it was going to be a hard transition for sixth graders, but they love the technology and learn quickly,” says Kristy Schneider, a science, robotics, and electronics teacher at La Center Middle School in La Center, WA.

Next, T&L advisor and blogger, David Kapuler, shares some of his favorite education apps that will work for any budget. Then we asked some of our favorite School CIOs for their advice on how to score the cash for your edtech wish list . My favorite response is from Steve Baule, Superintendent, North Boone School District, IL: “The fact that you have a technology wish list is an issue. What teachers need to do is focus on teaching and learning. Determine what students need to be able to accomplish when they leave your classroom, school, or district and then work back from there as to how to provide that instruction for all students.” Sorry, Steve--losing the wish list!

Look for more stories, tips, and product suggestion in the comment threads of these stories online. Some of the best ones come from readers like you. Join the conversation!

— Kevin Hogan
Content Director