Sometimes I worry that people misunderstand our tagline: Ideas and Tools for Ed Tech Leaders. Maybe they think we are geared just for superintendents? The reality is that for any technology to be truly adopted and integrated successfully into a school, there needs to be leadership at every level—from administration to faculty to students.

This issue provides great examples for that sentiment. In the article “Collaboration: At the Root of STEM Success”, writer Tara Smith details how entire communities become shareholders in developing successful curricula. Lisa Gonzales, Interim Superintendent in California’s Lakeside Joint School District, breaks down four tips for effective digital leadership, which apply to everyone: “We’ve all been there: after spending hours designing a great presentation, the Internet goes down or the projector won’t connect properly. When this happens in the classroom, educators need to know that it’s OK to improvise and that it’s important to be resilient when the best-laid plans go wrong. Even in the context of a larger district initiative, it’s possible that a technical glitch or other unforeseen event could derail the plan but educators need to see transparency and course correction modeled.”

Most importantly, it is the stories of students as leaders on almost every page—not just embracing the tools and developing the skills that enhance their own learning but sharing best practices with the greater community. Do you have any examples? Go online to techlearning.com and post. Or send me a note directly at khogan@nbmedia.com and tell us your examples of leadership in the classroom.

— Kevin Hogan
Content Director