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Vote 2008

Vote 2008 is the official election web page for PBS Online News Hour. Find analysis of candidates and their latest moves as they journey down the presidential campaign trail. There is also a link to the Election 2008 Vote by Issue Quiz.


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Geek the Vote 2008

Geek the Vote 2008 The 2008 Presidential election process has grabbed everyone's attention—even a techie type magazine like Popular Mechanics. Despite its inappropriate name, the site attempts to cover where each candidate stands (or stood, since many have already left the race) on issues of

Elections in the Classroom

Elections in the Classroom Playing this game will lend insight into the often difficult but intriguing process of running for the office of the President of the United States. Pick your party and create a platform and then try everything you can to beat your opponent. This is a fun way to learn

Elections..the American Way

Elections..the American Way Another wonderful production of The Library of Congress, this interactive site could be labelled American Democracy 101. Using many vintage photographs and illustrations, it answers such basic questions as What is a political party, How does one become a candidate, What is

Inside the Meltdown: Economic Crisis 2008-2009

 The PBS news program Frontline provides a fascinating report complete with interviews of those closest to the matter, timeline, analysis, and more. You can even view the entire television episode online.  courtesy of netTrekker

Planning for The Election

Tip: It's time to start planning lessons for the upcoming election! Elections give you a chance to implement some really authentic and exciting content into Social Studies. In the eLibrary you can find some very helpful resources. One of them is a Unit of Practice written for the last election, entitled