How are #ELTmyths shaping the world of English language teaching? In Özge Karaoglu’s recent blog post, she cites the “Fact or Fiction” report by Pearson and ELTjam, where she and other ELT experts “dig up, debate, and debunk” ten of of the biggest teaching methods in the ELT industry. The report includes the expert reactions to the following claims:

1. Technology has the power to transform English-language learning and teaching.

2. Learning how to use technology is much easier for young people.

3. Online learning will never be as effective as classroom learning.

4. Technology can help low-level learners use authentic materials better.

5. Computers are as effective as humans in assessing learners’ English proficiency.

6. There is such a thing as learning styles.

7. Grammar is still the best basis for a language-learning syllabus.

8. Mobile and social media (e.g., text-speak) are having a negative impact on the English language.

9. Real-time translation services signal the end of language teaching as we know it.

10. English measurement scales (e.g., CEFR) accurately show how proficient learners are in English.

To link to the report go to www.techlearning.com/june16