Fact Monster: Women of Influence

Name:Fact Monster: Women of Influence

Brief Description of the Site:
Officially, Women’s History Month is not till March, but any time is a good time for students to learn about (and possibly adjust their thinking and attitudes about) the influence of women in society. This page, part of the Fact Monster site, is a good place for them to start. It’s a mini-portal, with links to intriguing topics such as Mothers of Invention, Guide to Worldwide Goddesses, Female Ingenuity, Firsts in American Women’s History, and Women in the house and Senate. Many of the articles have hot links for further exploration. A particularly delightful page is Women Who Have Left Their Stamps on History, depicting the women who have been honored with U.S. Postage Stamps. Besides showing the colorful stamps, the page offers links to full biographies of most of the women shown.

How to use the site:
This is an excellent resource for research projects and/or for WebQuests. The information is fascinating, but not beyond the reach of students from Grades 4 – 12. It can also inspire self-directed projects on the part of the more independent student.