ISTE 2015 Best of show

ISTE 2015 Best of show

The following products are the winners of Tech & Learning’s annual ISTE Best of Show Awards. Products were submitted and anonymously evaluated by Tech & Learning advisors. The judges rated their impressions on a sliding scale, then met to decide on which technologies could have the most impact in the classroom and deserved to be named Best of Show. Congratulations to the winners!


Belkin Air Protect Always-On Sleeve The Belkin Air Protect Always-On Sleeve for Chromebooks and laptops allows users to work directly from the protective case, without removing the device and exposing it to risk. Protective padding and reinforced stiffeners absorb impacts, shielding the Chromebook or laptop from accidents. The sturdy exterior construction guards against rips, tears, and constant use. Judges appreciated the unique and student-friendly design, and added that the cost was very reasonable in terms of the protection that the sleeve provides.


The AVerCharge C30i charging cart can accommodate up to 30 Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets with up to a 14” screen. Intelligent charging automatically ensures all devices are safely and evenly charged. Slide-out shelves with extra-large slots add ease and convenience to device management. Furthermore, at only 27” wide, the C30i offers a small footprint. Judges raved over the energy-saving features, noting that the system stops charging when everything in the cart reaches full battery, and then checks every 30 minutes to make sure devices are still charged. They also appreciated the rubber mats, medical casters, and drawers, all of which help keep the devices safe during transportation.


AXIS A8004- VE Network Video Door Station The AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station is an open, non-proprietary, IP-based door station for two-way communication, identification, and remote entry control. The unit includes an HDTV camera with wide dynamic range (WDR) and high-quality low-light performance offering reliable 24/7 identification in any lighting scenario. The product connects to an existing IP network and the use of Power over Ethernet allows for installation with one single network cable, providing enough power to also support standard door-locks to enable remote entry from a mobile device or a PC.


Blackbox Deluxe Charging Carts Ideal for K-12 institutions, the Black Box Deluxe Charging Carts securely charge, store, sync, and transport up to 48 e-learning devices—including Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets, laptops, and netbooks—in a small footprint. The cart’s unique shelving system is adaptable to changing technology. They can store and charge everything from the newer 15” Chromebooks to the 7” iPad mini. The rack system accommodates almost unlimited combinations of shelves, drawers, trays, and other standard rack devices. As user’s needs change in the future, the carts can be reconfigured by adjusting the shelf type with several screws. has been enhanced with a new lithium-ion battery, which brings a 15% weight reduction to the PA419-02 for indoor and outdoor uses.


Califone PA419-02 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Califone has upgraded its portable PA419-02 wireless speaker to feature built-in Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication), so smartphones and other mobile devices can be quickly synced to easily play music through the PA419-02, loud enough for three hundred people (or in rooms up to 2,000 square feet). Added connectivity can also be made with an SD card slot and a USB port to broadcast previously recorded content. A convenient 3.5mm port was also added for a wired connection. Portability has been enhanced with a new lithium-ion battery, which brings a 15% weight reduction to the PA419-02 for indoor and outdoor uses.


LocknCharge Carrier 20 cart The new Carrier 20 Cart, optimized for small deployments, enables teachers to maximize students’ learning time using mobile devices as the devices, go from the Cart into students’ hands fast and fully charged. Users can store, sync, and simultaneously charge as many as 20 mobile devices at once. The universal Cart works with iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Mini devices and most other tablets, laptops, and Chromebooks. The Cart includes four removable baskets that hold up to five devices each and is designed to enable several people to access it at once. Judges loved the ease of set-up for wiring.


CK Mobile and CK BYOD allows IT administrators to successfully deploy 1:1 initiatives and facilitate effective BYOD security on campus by providing Web access policy-based control and accountability for Web access, both on and off campus. These mobile security solutions provide an easy-to-manage, secure way for schools to enable and control Web and social media access on all school-issued and student-owned devices. Chromebooks, iPads, OS X, Windows, Android, and other devices schools issue to students can be centrally managed to ensure Web filtering, reporting, and security are active at all times. One judge appreciated the “granular social media controls” and the options for both home and school monitoring.


Promethean ClassFlow Promethean’s ClassFlow is an interactive lesson design and delivery solution designed to engage students through the interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum, and assessments for learning. ClassFlow enables teachers to deliver high-impact, multimedia lessons and brings a high level of educational purpose into Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and classroom displays, such as interactive projectors, SMART Boards, and Promethean ActivBoards. The newest version of ClassFlow supports blended learning environments. ClassFlow offers a suite of dashboard tools for teachers and students to enhance class management and provides instant access to the most important classroom information, all in one place, anytime, and anywhere.


Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot robots Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot robots help young learners get started with coding. With their sensors, microphones, sounds, lights, head motions, and wheels, the rounded, blue robots bring STEM to life for K-5 students. Through four tablet applications, students create programs that command the robots to move, light up, and detect nearby objects. Teachers use Dash & Dot to teach a variety of subject areas and skills, including computational thinking, math, science, English language, creative writing, and the arts. In addition, Wonder Workshop regularly publishes standards-aligned, classroom-tested curricula. Judges rated the lesson plans highly, noting that they promote 21st-century skills. They also added that teachers don’t need to have strong programming skills to use the robots.


The da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3D is an affordable and complete package 3D printer. It has a compact and enclosed design for easy transportation. It also has an automatic leveling system that saves entry level users from manually and technically calibrate the print bed. In addition, the Jr. also features a one-click quick release extruder system that makes cleaning and repairing the extruder easier than ever. Judges raved about the affordability, quality, reliability and one year warranty of the da Vinci Jr.


DreamBox Learning Math DreamBox Learning Math offers a rigorous, K–8 standards-aligned curriculum with digital manipulatives that help students demonstrate that they understand how to solve the problem, not just compute the answer. The cloud-based, cross-platform tool can be used in the computer lab, with small groups, or in a flipped classroom model with scaffolded support that closes gaps and gets students to math mastery. Teachers have the ability to toggle between English and Spanish. Judges loved the adaptive functionality and appreciated that Dreambox Learning Math works on all devices.


Electra Cube Charging Cart The Electra Cube Charging Cart from Trident Case allows teachers and administrators to stack and connect multiple carts to build a multi-faceted charging system. Users are able to charge classroom Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphone devices simultaneously. The Electra Cube Charging Cart can be stacked vertically or horizontally to fit into any room. Each section can hold up to five Chromebooks, ten 10” tablets, twenty 5” smartphones, or a combination of these devices. Additionally, the cart’s drawer design allows users to charge their devices without removing the cases.


The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (eleot) measures and quantifies active student engagement by taking a look at classroom expectations, feedback, and learning support. An intuitive and easy-to-use tool, eleot ensures quality and reliability by revealing strengths and weaknesses and identifying trends over time, and provides a powerful instrument for professional development, peer learning, and ongoing improvement. Schools can use the app to create new classroom observations, online or offline, and report findings by accessing the average rating in the school for each environment. Data can be aggregated and disaggregated by grade, subject, instructor, or other factors to identify trends and inform the instructional decision-making process. Judges raved over the “research-driven, growth mindset” and rated the solution both PC-and iOS–friendly.

Ergotron LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desk With the simple use of a hand lever, students can instantly and intuitively personalize the LearnFit desk to the preferred height of their desktops to move and collaborate more naturally—the height adjustment range is designed for students ages nine through adult with a minimum work surface height of 33.5” (85 cm) and maximum work surface height of 48.5” (123 cm). This eliminates the need for staff to make adjustments or reconfigure desks before, during, or after school hours. The LearnFit Desk is constructed with an MDF core with solid high-pressure laminate on the top surface and melamine laminate on the bottom surface. The desk also includes a tablet slot on the work surface as well as a backpack hook, a water bottle holder and pencil tray, and an optional storage bin for books and class supplies.


SunGard K-12 Education eSchoolPLUS 4.0 SunGard K-12 Education’s eSchoolPLUS student information system has been upgraded with a smart user interface and a variety of features that promote collaboration. With HTML5 as its core technology, eSchoolPLUS 4.0 offers the same application and user experience across any browser and choice of PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, or other tablet. Highly customizable search functionality throughout the software puts adhoc reporting capabilities at educators’ fingertips. And, with PLUS 360 Notifications, eSchoolPLUS 4.0 mines student data to help increase user efficiency by allowing educational stakeholders to choose to be automatically alerted when certain events occur or criteria are met.


Extron TeamWork System Extron TeamWork is a simple, intuitive, collaboration system that allows small groups of students to share content from both digital and analog sources on a common display. System packages include source cables, a switcher, a system controller, and a Cable Cubby enclosure, and are compatible with any new or existing furniture system. The TeamWork system works with most flat panel displays, laptops, and tablets, and supports full resolution, full frame rate digital video up to 1080p/60, and analog computer video up to 1920x1200. Judges loved the ease of use, and thought the system fosters collaboration.


The First in Math program provides a digital gaming environment designed to help K-8 students develop 21st-century skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. The program preserves each student’s ability to choose where he or she wants to “play” and which activities he or she wants to practice and master. Judges found First in Math to be user-friendly and attractive, and suggested that the program fosters students’ internal drive to learn.


Specifically created for K-12, Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System features built-in processes and classroom workflows designed to promote educator and student productivity. For schools using Google Apps for Education or Office 365, Gaggle Safety Management elevates those products into full-featured learning platforms while enhancing their compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Judges noted that the addition of the new LMS makes Gaggle even more powerful than before. They thought that Gaggle’s safety features, such as algorithms to look for signs of bullying, risk of suicide, and family issues in emails, offered ways to keep students safe and secure.


Vernier Software & Technology Go Wireless Link Vernier Software & Technology launched the Go Wireless Link to provide a cost-effective way to wirelessly collect data from more than 40 sensors on tablets and mobile devices in science and STEM classrooms. Using the low-cost Go Wireless Link and Vernier sensors, students and teachers can now wirelessly collect data and perform data analysis on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Compatible sensors include the CO2 Gas Sensor, Gas Pressure Sensor, O2 Gas Sensor, Stainless Steel Temperature Probe, Dual-Range Force Sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor, Optical DO Probe, and more than 30 additional sensors. Judges loved the wireless functionality, and thought the Go Wireless Link enabled students to be active learners.


LoveMath is a Web-based, gamified math program for grades K-5. Each grade features 150 lessons with instruction and over 10,000 practice problems for use as supplemental learning materials. Learners are rewarded for their effort and performance, and teachers can rely on LoveMath’s animated learning coaches to instruct and encourage students. Judges found the program to be highly engaging for students, “with a focus on relatable characters and real life prizes.” They thought that LoveMath offers a “unique approach to motivating students.”


HamiltonBuhl 10 Port USB Charging Station The HamiltonBuhl 10 Port USB Charging Station charges up to ten devices simultaneously. The station is ideal for classrooms and boardrooms alike, and can charge devices including phones and tablets. Judges found the charging station very affordable, and praised its sturdy construction.


Aerohive HiveSchool Aerohive’s HiveSchool is a connected learning application that enhances the use of modern classroom technology to provide collaborative learning experiences for students. HiveSchool enables teachers to present digital content to the class directly from a laptop and assign a variety of learning resources while providing complete visibility to monitor student activity and ensure each student is on task. HiveSchool works with existing software infrastructure and is agnostic to the underlying network equipment. If a student is off task, the teacher has several options—they can remotely close browser tabs, or whitelist a URL so it is the only resource students can access.


HUE HD Pro Camera The HUE HD Pro classroom camera and visualizer can view a full 8.5” x 11” sheet and project it to the whiteboard via a PC or Mac and projector. The HUE HD Pro also comes with specially designed software, HUE Intuition, to help users master functionality of the camera. Built-in LED lights help illuminate the subject. Users can also record video and sound, and then save movies locally, email, or upload to YouTube. Judges appreciated that the camera is detachable from its base for use as USB camera. They also liked the design and HD quality.


Birdbrain Technologies Hummingbird Duo kit The Hummingbird Duo kit from Birdbrain Technologies is designed to introduce engineering and robotics education to upper elementary students, while providing more intricate and challenging robot design possibilities to more advanced students. By integrating robotics into core subjects rather than relegating it to an after-school club, Hummingbird exposes students to critical 21st-century skills such as programming, engineering, and design. The Hummingbird Duo kit is designed for beginners, so teachers need no special training to implement it straight out of the box. Judges loved the multiple programming options, and rated the kit to be an affordable “maker” and coding tool.


Impero Education Pro Impero Education Pro is an IT management solution designed for K-12 schools that enables IT administrators to remotely view and manage PCs, Macs, iPads, and Chromebooks from a single management console. Judges appreciated the granular capabilities and loved the easy-to-use dashboard.


Issues & Controversies The award-winning Issues & Controversies helps students and researchers understand today’s crucial issues by exploring—without bias—hundreds of hot topics in politics, government, business, society, education, and popular culture. Enhanced by valuable educator resources and critical-thinking assets, it is the ideal resource for debate prep, research papers, and persuasive writing assignments.


Kajeet SmartSpot Kajeet Education Broadband (which includes the Kajeet SmartSpot device, the Sentinel cloud portal, and coverage on either the Verizon or Sprint network) ensures that students can safely connect to the Internet anywhere and any time. Education Broadband is intended for educational use only, with one device per student. With the SmartSpot, students easily connect to a fast 4G network. Any Wi-Fi compatible Chromebook, Netbook, laptop, or tablet is filtered specifically for school assignment use; inappropriate and non-education content cannot be accessed. Judges appreciated the managed filtering capabilities and rated the solution as highly affordable.


Stoneware LanSchool 7.8 Stoneware’s LanSchool classroom management software enables instructors to easily manage classroom technology and monitor student involvement. Tools such as thumbnail monitoring, Web and app limiting, electronic assessment, voting, screen sharing, remote control, and screen blanking help teachers know that technology is being used productively.


Learning Bird Learning Bird is a cloud-based learning solution for students and teachers alike, offering access to a library of over 15,000 digital lessons created by certified teachers across North America. Learning Bird’s library encompasses a variety of teaching approaches, providing educators with a differentiation tool that engages students. Additionally, teachers can reinforce and assign lessons to their students by creating playlists of the lessons that they believe are the best fit for their students. Judges rated Learning Bird an excellent, free, CCSS-aligned resource.


Learning Engine The Learning Engine enables teachers to capture, upload, manage, and enrich YouTube and Vimeo videos into a centralized course video library. The software features text-to-speech search, a video notepad for students to interact with content, the ability to search anywhere inside a video’s content, and a clean interface that’s free of ads and other distractions. The responsive design scales across all screens, from smartphones to tablets to computers, ensuring that students receive a universal learning experience.


littleBits Pro Library littleBits help engage teachers and students in STEAM subjects by using a universal, 21st-century language: electronic building blocks. The intuitive, color-coded Bits each have a specific function (such as motion, lights, sound, sensors, or Internet connectivity), and all the modules snap together with magnets to make larger circuits. With an ever-expanding library of Bits, educators and students can grow their collection and engage in increasingly complex projects as their understanding of the system and modules grows. The Pro Library can accommodate up to 32 inventors with its 304+ Bits, making it ideal for project-based learning and teamwork in classrooms and maker spaces. Judges found the Pro Library to be a great large group kit and appreciated the space-saving wall organizer setup. They also noted that the Bits serve as easy-to-use maker and coding tools.


MackinVIA MackinVIA is a free, complete digital content management system created to provide schools with easy access to their collection of ebooks, digital audiobooks, online databases, approved Web links, and videos. With a single login available on desktop and mobile devices, users can view, utilize, and manage all of the school’s digital resources whenever and wherever they want. MackinVIA provides access to nearly 350,000 digital resources in a variety of formats. Ebooks are available in the more traditional format and, with the addition of the ability to host EPUB3 fixed-format materials, picture books, comics, and graphic novels can be viewed on the digital platform as the authors and illustrators originally intended. Educational Online Databases are pre-screened to allow students to safely research without the threat of inappropriate material or unwanted ads, while schools can add their own links to Web sites and videos, as they see fit.


Mayan Mysteries Mayan Mysteries is an immersive social studies game that blends history and puzzle-solving into a unique learning experience. Mayan Mysteries includes accurate historical content, packaged specifically for middle schoolers with the goal of making complex information interesting and comprehensible for 5th-9th graders. Players participate in challenges at both the modern archaeological site and at the reconstructed ancient site, giving them a unique insight into ancient life. Judges appreciated that Mayan Mysteries “employs game-based learning while emphasizing standards.”


MAX Interactive Extreme Shell MAX Interactive’s Extreme Shell line features a heavy duty polycarbonite shell coupled with shock-absorbing TPU around all impact areas to protect Chromebooks at an affordable price point. The case is ideal for Acer, Dell, HP, Samsung, MacBook Air, and many other models.


Minecraft Mod Design 1 Minecraft Mod Design 1 helps kids learn the fundamentals of Java programming by coding their own Mods for Minecraft (for PC or Mac, sold separately). For every item, block, or creature they want to add, kids first design the graphics, and then modify real Java code to quickly program their new features. Students edit Java templates in order to learn the fundamentals of the language without getting bogged down typing hundreds of lines of code one by one. Judges gave high praises to the engaging host of the training videos, and liked the step-by-step instructions.


Pearson TELL Pearson TELL (Test of English Language Learning) is a tablet-based assessment developed to support schools as they ensure that the growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs) build English language skills and stay on track to meet academic standards. TELL provides teachers with an accurate, reliable solution for screening and diagnosing students as well as monitoring their progress in a fun and engaging environment. Students watch video clips and interact with pictures and words, then answer questions out loud. They listen, write, read, and speak—all with no mark-ups or grading by teachers. TELL screens, diagnoses, and monitors each ELL student’s progress throughout the school year. Judges said that TELL helps teachers assess where students are, and liked that it can be integrated with other programs.


Polar 3D Printer The Polar 3D Printer includes a cloud platform that allows students to collaborate and gives teachers the ability to manage all their printers from any device with a Web browser. Teachers can also share ideas and curriculum online. The steel frame and rugged design of the printer enables teachers to show students how to clean the extruder and maintain the printer on their own. One judge thought that the affordability of the printer, combined with its speed and quality, make it a great purchase for schools on a budget. Judges also liked the ability to use several kinds of filament, making it easy to restock supplies.


PowerGistics charging and storage stations PowerGistics charging and storage stations use less space than an average classroom filing cabinet to store and charge up to 18 devices. Color coding means that once the teacher unlocks the secure door, even the smallest student can reach their Chromebook or help put it away. The open design of the PowerGistics unit allows teachers to confirm devices are responsibly returned and plugged in at the end of class.


PREPWORKS Learning Positioning System The PREPWORKS Learning Positioning System (LPS) employs intelligent software to deliver prescriptive instruction across multiple subject areas. LPS technology is agnostic to content and is capable of delivering trillions of Personalized Learning Paths per subject area to serve the needs of every student. With its micro-tagging system, each aspect of PREPWORKS content is created in tiny learning objects, allowing the LPS to gather and process thousands of data points for each student. Students can use the LPS on their smartphones, tablets, and desktops, as activity is synced across all devices.


ADTRAN ProCloud.EDU ADTRAN ProCloud.EDU, a wireless digital learning (WDL) suite, unlocks the power of technology in the classroom with secure, cloud-managed Wi-Fi that is optimized from the network down to each student device, including tablets, smartphones, laptops and more. ProCloud.EDU helps schools embrace the mobility growth and transform into a modern, technology-empowered learning center with increased functionality like capacity planning, content filtering and classroom management software. IT departments can now deliver a classroom-ready Wi-Fi experience without the burden of managing the network. Additionally, teachers can keep students focused on the lesson at hand and gain back valuable classroom time.


KDS Professional Learning Platform KDS’s Professional Learning Platform integrates a full suite of professional learning features, tools, and content designed specifically for K-12 educators. Teachers can engage in ongoing professional collaboration, access trusted content that is searchable and tagged to common teaching and learning frameworks, and access resources, peers, experts, discussions, and events that match their personal learning goals and interests. Content includes curated videos of effective teaching practice, tutorials, Web sites, and artifacts, as well as tools to rate, discuss, save, and share content. Judges rated the video library as very high quality, and appreciated the ongoing support available to educators.


Project Ignite Project Ignite enables learners of all ages to gain practical hands-on experience with new software and hardware to build creative literacy in 3D design, 3D printing, electronics, programming, and more. First, students create an account to get started with the introductory courses. Then they can use the built-in 3D design apps Tinkercad or 123D Circuits to master the basics of electronics. When projects are complete, they are saved to users’ profiles for easy access.


RGS SmartStart Pilot Program RGS introduced its SmartStart in-classroom pilot program, which allows schools to test out several aspects of RGS’ digital learning portfolio, for a minimal cost, before investing in a large-scale deployment. The individual elements of the SmartStart solution include 30 devices (the RGS Windows Wi-Fi Learning Device or RGS Education Chromebook) and the RGS Classroom Game Server, optimized for game-based learning with the MinecraftEdu game. The program also includes access to training and professional development options and modular classroom support such as Web filtering and related teaching resources.


Roland VR-50HD The VR-50HD is an all-in-one, compact and portable audio/video mixer with USB output for Web streaming and recording to a PC or Mac. It integrates an audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touchscreen, and USB audio/video streaming and recording device in a single unit. The VR-50HD accepts any video signal from SD to HD resolution as well as analog or digital video. The video side of the VR-50HD includes a 12-input, 4-channel multi-format video switcher that also includes a still store channel for graphics, logo, or frame capture. The audio side features a 12-channel digital audio mixer. Sources can be mixed from any of the 12 analog inputs or from audio embedded in the 4 SDI or 4 HDMI inputs. Furthermore, the VR-50HD is HDCP-compliant, enabling users to mix copy-protected game, tablet, and Blu-ray content with other computer and camera sources.


Scantron Analytics Scantron Analytics, powered by the analytics engine QlikView, provides insights into data for everyone from senior district administrators to classroom teachers. Educators can discover new connections and relationships between attendance, assessments, grades, and other data sources that often remain hidden in standard reports. Districts can monitor what’s currently happening, analyze why it is happening, and predict what might happen if current trends were to continue. Judges appreciated the ease of use, and liked that users could make connections between multiple sources of data.


Shmoop offers a variety of resources that balance a teen-friendly, approachable style with academically rigorous materials to help students understand how subjects relate to their daily lives. With Test Prep, Online Courses, Learning Guides, Teacher Guides, Online Textbooks, College Resources, and Career Resources, Shmoop allows students, teachers, and administrators the flexibility to create a personalized blended learning experience. Shmoop meters, measures, and monitors the key moves that students make as they progress through Shmoop’s Test Prep. From the moment students become a part of the Shmoop learning system, students and their teachers get feedback. Teachers can easily identify skill gaps, and administrators can find holes in their curriculum more easily.


Northwest Evaluation Association Skills Navigator Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) worked closely with educators to design Skills Navigator, a tool that helps teachers close achievement gaps, use data to guide instruction, and support kids with diverse needs. Designed for grades K-8, Skills Navigator helps teachers easily accomplish four key tasks: identify the skills students are ready to learn, check evidence of skill mastery, monitor student progress toward mastery, and provide instructional resources to meet students’ specific needs—on, above, or below grade level. The tools in Skills Navigator help teachers make timely instructional decisions for all students. The NWEA skills framework contains over 1,000 skills that build foundations for college and career readiness in math, language usage, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.


TechGuard Lockers TechGuard Lockers are individual lockers designed to secure and charge electronic devices. They can be purchased in single, five, and ten-unit capacities and are ideal for public places such as schools and libraries. Each locker offers sufficient room for up to a 15.5-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet, and a cellphone, with the ability to charge them all at once. The lockers are fully ventilated to keep devices at a safe temperature while charging, and feature a clear window and courtesy lighting for easy viewing of each locker’s contents. Judges found the lockers well-designed and easy to use, and noted that the need for this type of locker will increase as schools increase the use of mobile devices.


Steelcase Thread Thread is a power distribution system that turns any carpeted floor into a power source by running power through ultra-thin (3/16”) tracks. The Thread track comes in one-foot increments up to 12 feet in length, and attaches to a low-profile connector and a standing power hub or adapter. Thread power system is a one circuit, 20 amp system allowing enough power to support laptops, mobile devices, and furniture such as media:scape. Thread’s power hubs fit any work or education environment and are designed with built-in cord management.


Tiggly Math Tiggly’s Learning Platform provides students with ways to interactively enhance language, creativity, literacy, and math skills by combining physical manipulatives with tablets. Tiggly Math includes five bright counting rods designed to help students develop their understanding of math operations, such as addition, number line, and one-to-one correspondence skills. Tiggly Math Learning System includes three learning apps (Cardtoons, Chef, and Addventure), student workbooks, in-class activities, and thinker journals. Judges raved over the speed of wireless video transfer and the solid construction. They also appreciated the creative use of manipulatives through apps.


Tinkercad is a free, easy-to-learn app that anyone can use to create and print 3D models. No previous design experience is required—Tinkercad offers step-by-step lessons to guide users through the design process from basic shapes to more complex creations. Users can choose from more than six million designs in the Tinkercad Gallery, or check out new designs added every day. Tinkercad is ideal for teachers to use in the classroom, as it is CARU COPPA certified for under-13 users.


ViewSonic LightStream PJD6552LWS Projector ViewSonic’s LightStream PJD6552LWS networkable short-throw projector features true-to-life color, a brightness level of 3200 lumens, and native WXGA (1280x800) resolution. The projector includes a tactile keypad for simple operation, cable management hood, programmable remote control, and PortAll—a hidden compartment with an integrated MHL/HDMI port that lets users discreetly and wirelessly stream multimedia content from a mobile device to the projector. As a short-throw projector with a 0.49 throw ratio, the PJD6552LWS can easily be used in small rooms and classrooms to project large images, ensuring content is seen on a big screen.


Waggle Waggle is an online learning platform that generates a smart practice environment to help students in grades 3-8 build skills and prepare for assessments, and recommends what a student should study next, creating a personalized learning path. Waggle integrates Knewton adaptive learning technology, which analyzes what students know and how they learn best to provide students with tailored recommendations for what to study. Judges appreciated the “student-friendly language” and atmosphere, as well as the adaptive capabilities.


zSpace for Education zSpace for Education is a streamlined hardware and software solution that allows students to manipulate virtual 3D objects ranging from human hearts to helicopters, to learn concepts such as math, physics, engineering, and biology. Previously, the zSpace system consisted of a virtual reality monitor and separate computer. The zSpace STEM lab includes 12 student virtual reality stations and a teacher station, each outfitted with an interactive stylus as well as a suite of educational software. Our judges thought the STEM lab provided a “very cool 3D augmented reality,” noting that student viewers get a great view of what teachers are doing without the need for glasses.