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Learn How Managed Wi-Fi Improves Digital Learning

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Digital learning is only as effective as a school’s ability to provide access. When bandwidth and management barriers bottleneck that access, students and teachers bear the burden. Fortunately, new guidelines for the FCC’s E-rate program are allowing schools to invest in managed network services to greatly improve access and system reliability.

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From streaming, on-demand learning to student assessments and collaboration, today’s classroom is fully engaged with high-bandwidth applications. Mobile technologies such as tablets and smart phones have become integral to classroom learning, and wireless connectivity has become a crucial component of a school’s digital strategy.

However, the typical school simply can’t keep up. More than half of schools today lack adequate wireless infrastructure for digital learning. Traditional Wi-FI architecture is unable to handle the wireless demands of classrooms—and those demands continue to grow as the scope of digital learning expands.

With the reauthorization of the E-rate program, it’s easier than ever to get the Wi-FI solutions your school needs. The FCC has earmarked $5 billion over the next five years for schools to procure robust wireless infrastructures. This will help to prepare students in urban, suburban and rural schools for the modern workplace and economy.

These reimbursements allow schools to take advantage of managed wireless services that enhance digital access for students, teachers and administrators, providing full network availability throughout the campus.

Managed wireless services can also allow IT managers to offload duties such as help-desk queries and alert monitoring, or even provide full system management through the cloud for the flexibility to ramp up bandwidth at a moment’s notice.

ADTRAN’s managed wireless services are now reimbursable through the E-rate program. Learn how this can make a difference for you and your school.

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