Brief Description of the Site:
Truly a child-orientated site, offers a simple-to-use homepage of clickable categories, each with a small illustration. Topics include "Unusual Talents" (how to braid hair, how to make balloon shapes); "When I Grow Up" (a look at possible careers, such as veterinarian); "Are You a Sports Nut?" (links to sports-related sites, including Sports Illustrated for Kids) and 15 other. The home page also allows kids to search Yahooligans and Ask Jeeves. The goal was to pick appropriate sites with no offensive material, pop-up ads, etc.

How to use the site:
This would be a great starting place third- to eighth-graders to browse and find report topics related to their interests, rather than using teacher-made topics. For example, a student following the link to the Baseball Hall of Fame site would be able to compile a report on the Clown Princes of baseball history. It's a safe place for students to learn independent research skills.

Submitted by:
Warren Buckleitner