Reviews MyOn 3.0

myon.comRetail Price: $5,000—$10,000 for concurrent and unlimited access, based upon number of titles.

Quality and Effectiveness: MyON is a digital library with multiple assessment tools that track and encourage reading. In just a few steps, myON 3.0 inventories students’ interests, assesses reading levels, and encourages students to choose from the extensive library of titles and to engage with these texts through writing. MyON also inspires students to keep reading. MyON provides solutions to perennial problems in education, including how to engage all students in the reading process, how to track progress, and how to help improve reading growth and comprehension. This personalized literacy environment offers materials, tools, and support for classroom projects, homework, and more, as well as helpful reporting tools for classroom, grade level, school, and district use.

Ease of Use: The myON Web site is cleanly designed, user-friendly, and loads quickly. A return-to-top banner is always available for those exploring the wide-ranging library of titles. The titles are arranged under various categories. Social Studies, for example, includes science, math, literature, graphic novels, and—always an attention grabber—“Scary & Gross.” A help guide on the navigation bar is always visible. Faculty can manage different classes, projects, and groups from the sleek teacher’s dashboard. Online professional development on various topics, including how to create assignments and how to generate reports, rounds out the solid myON offerings for educators.

Creative Use of Technology: A creatively designed student dashboard makes each visit pleasurable. All the tools are visually intuitive, and descriptive alt tags quickly clear up any confusion that might occur as students begin to use the resource. Students can quickly check their reading goals. Activity icons are also easy to understand. For quick reference, completed books are outlined in green, unread books in red. There are multiple ways for students to demonstrate what they learned from the reading, including answering multiple-choice questions and highlighting words and passages. With the newest tools, students can write a sentence or a paragraph in sticky notes or a personal journal. Five-question quizzes at the end of each book share answers immediately to enrich content comprehension.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Teachers can smoothly integrate myON 3.0 into any existing curriculum, and it can be implemented in one school or an entire district. The broad reading categories are contemporary and targeted to K–12. The varied and colorful reading choices in areas tailored to their interests will engage students. Implementation levels include independent reading, connected curriculum, actionable data, and systemic adoption with full lessons. Teachers can start slowly but will soon appreciate the easy functionality and rich features of myON 3.0.


With an intuitive and colorful Web site that’s easy to navigate, extensive pedagogical tools for both teachers and students, and an online library of over 10,000 titles geared to K–12 readers, myON 3.0 encourages and supports reading growth and comprehension in the classroom and beyond.


Extensive library—MyON 3.0 provides an extensive digital library of beautifully illustrated K–12 books that students can highlight, annotate, and reflect upon in individual journals.
Audio—Students can turn on the audio version for all MyON 3.0 books.
Dashboard—MyON 3.0’s dashboard for teachers or administrators, together with real-time data tracking and reporting tools, strongly support educational efforts to help students progress and demonstrate their literacy growth.