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Simple Paging is an IP-based paging solution for K-12 schools that reproduces live announcements from a desk or on the move with absolute clarity, giving end users an intelligible and flexible paging and communications tool. The complete station includes one or more Barix Annuncicom paging stations and Exstreamer devices to receive an decode audio at end points. Using Simple Paging, multiple paging groups can be set up in as little as 10 minutes, with no need for in-depth IT knowledge; tags are easily associated with paging zones to establish groups. High-quality IP voice paging announcements can be made from fixed paging stations plus iOS/Android tablets and smartphones without further configuration once power, the network, and loudspeakers are connected. Alarm buttons and background music streams can be delivered over the same system.


Perfect for leading groups of up to 20 people, the Bluetooth VoiceSaver is for presentations in the classroom and on the go. It’s ideal support for those needing either a vocal assist or increased projection. The lightweight wireless headset for the VoiceSaver enables hands-free convenience and operability from up to 20’ away from the receiver. Its rechargeable battery will function for up to six hours on a single charge and refreshes in four hours. The Bluetooth functionality and hands-free design in the PA system makes the tool extremely mobile, allowing teachers to interact more with students in the classroom. The VoiceSaver comes with a one-year warranty for school use, making it unlike items purchased from a consumer electronics stores, whose warranties would be voided if used in schools.


Juno with Bluetooth maximizes student engagement by clearly and evenly spreading the teacher’s voice to every corner of the learning environment. Equipped with a Smart Microphone for teachers, a student microphone, and a high fidelity stereo sound tower, Juno with Bluetooth also enriches lesson delivery by enabling wireless audio streaming of instructional content, which needs to be heard just as clearly as teachers’ and students’ voices. Juno is the perfect audio solution for today’s dynamic, modern learning environments.


Lightspeed’s new Activate product line includes the Activate Station charging and control center, portable two-way audio pods the size of a glasses case that double as handheld microphones, and the Activate App. The new Activate App directly aligns with Lightspeed’s Collaborate. Using an iOS or Android device, educators can capture and share audio and video in the classroom, providing authentic evidence of student learning as well as a coaching resource for teachers. Utilizing the device’s camera, the Activate App syncs up high-quality audio from the microphone or student pods, overcoming the inability of the device to capture high-quality audio beyond a few inches of its built-in microphone. Teachers can then easily share these videos with coaches and peers for feedback and professional development.


The GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless is an enhanced suite of products, including the GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager, rack mount receiver system, remote antennas, and accessories. GLX-D Advanced offers exceptional digital audio, automatic frequency management, and intelligent rechargeable batteries. Using the new Frequency Manager, GLX-D Advanced users can seamlessly and confidently operate up to nine simultaneous systems in typical conditions (11 channels in optimal conditions). With a new rack-mountable configuration, GLX-D Advanced allows up to six GLXD4R receivers to be linked to a GLX-D Advanced Frequency Manager via the RF ports. To simplify installation, the Frequency Manager automatically assigns optimal frequencies to all six receivers utilizing patented data communication via the existing RF cables. Linking two Frequency Managers together enables the use of additional rack mount systems.