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Rainforests and Why They Are Important

This is Rainforest Week, so celebrate by finding out more than you knew about this important biome.
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Learn about the importance of the rainforest wherever it is found. Find information on the biological and cultural diversity in the tropical rainforests, and read about why rainforests contribute to climate stability. The section on Human Needs gives information on foods that the rainforest provides as well as medicine. It also talks about how human uses of products in the rainforest can result in degradation. The featured articles highlight interesting plants and animals found in the rainforest. This is Rainforest Week, so celebrate by finding out more about this important biome.

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RainForest Explore African rainforests at this richly illustrated and informative site from PBS. Learn about the people, customs, and economy of these dense forested zones PBS • Pictures and/or Illustrations • High School Middle School Elementary School Becky Woods

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance The Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation organization, has expanded their site to introduce curriculum resources that will bring the rainforest to life in the classroom. Teachers will find free lesson plans that meet national standards and educational

Rainforest Math

Rainforest Math Find an excellent index of interactive practice games for sixth grade mathematics. Game topics covered are: number sense/operations, algebra/patterns, measurement, geometry/space, chance, data, and money. Jenny Heather • Learning Games • Pictures and/or

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Why iPads are Important in Education

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Essay Winners to Explore Costa Rican Rainforest promo image

Essay Winners to Explore Costa Rican Rainforest

Five stellar high school biology teachers are about to embark on an unforgettable science adventure. In July, the winners of the Tropical Biology Scholarships 2009 are off on the trip of a lifetime - a two-week field study course at one of the world's most fascinating and important scientific and educational institutions: the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS) in Costa Rica.

Discovering the Rainforest via Five Themes of Geography

Discovering the Rainforest via Five Themes of Geography An interactive WebQuest that has the students work in groups of five to explore the rainforest through the five themes of geography. Each student researches a different theme, and then the group works together on a final presentation.