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Revolutionizing Project-Based Learning

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Revolutionizing Project-Based Learning

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Project-based learning is a top priority at PS 15 Patrick F. Daly School of the Arts. Located in Red
Hook, Brooklyn, this public school relies on creative and academic projects to lead students through concepts that are aligned with the national Common Core Learning Standards, in addition to local and state standards.

Through a federally-funded Magnet Grant, STEM Educator Jenna Utter found a unique way to add a fresh sense of innovation, creativity, and fun to her classroom.

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The upper elementary teachers want to develop online grade level activities that use project-based learning to develop critical thinking skills. I'd like to point them to a good Internet resource to support their efforts. Do you know of any? Visit This site hosts an international competition

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Project-Based Learning

Tip: There is a lot of talk today questioning the value of technology in classrooms. One study, "Effectiveness of Reading and Mathematics Software Products: Findings From the First Student Cohort" said that software did not help students to increase test scores. A New York Times article entitled "Seeing No