Room 208

Name:Room 208

Bob Sprankle teaches 3rd and 4th grade at Wells Elementary Elementary School in Wells, ME. Since 1999, Sprankle has used first a Web site, then a blog to share information with parents and showcase student work. Sprankle's students have gained national recognition for their podcasts.

How to use the site:
Room 208 is a rich site. Sprankle and his students post written news updates and links for student use nearly every week. Each student has a page where s/he can post individual work, but there are also areas for group work, such as the Poetry Blog and the Room 208 Journal. In addition, the students produce 2-3 podcasts each month. The podcasts typically feature the Word of the Week, Weird Fact of the Week, the Mail Corner, and more. You can visit Sprankle's student sites back to 1998-99 using links provided on the current site.

Submitted by:
Cheryl S. Oakes