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Sesame Street: Games

Join Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and many more characters as you find your way to Sesame Street.
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Join Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and many more characters as you find your way to Sesame Street. Celebrate Sesame Street Day, November 10th, by playing games that reinforce the colors, shapes, letters, sounds, and basic math concepts. Additional links to videos and art will provide an opportunity to fully observe the show that was first broadcast in 1969 by the Children's Television Workshop. 

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Games for the Brain

There are many unique games like Rotate where you decide which pieces need to be rotated to see the picture or Memocoly where you memorize the colors you see in order after a quick flash.

Eco-kids Games and Puzzles

Eco-kids Games and Puzzles This section of the official web site for the city of Ft. Worth, Texas, offers kids a fun way to review vocabulary and concepts learned about the environment. Interactive games and puzzles allow you to help Sally choose recyclable items from her garbage, join Savannah for an

Role playing games from McCord Museum

See if you can survive the Roaring Twenties   Pick a character in this game and find out if you have what it takes to live through this decade of social change.  You can listen to ragtime jazz while playing

Bank Street Literacy Guide

Bank Street College  offers guidance for literacy tutors and teachers of 5 to 8 year old children. Teachers will find Pre Reading strategies such as making predictions, forming a purpose for reading, and questioning. During Reading strategies include prompting a

BodyWorks Games

BodyWorks Games These interactive games engage students as they explore the human body. Travel through the digestive system with Art and Spleen, identifying organs in real video. Test and learn about your reflexes and ability to make precise movements. Discover the nutrients needed for your body

StocksQuest: A Global Stock Market Game

Name: StocksQuest: A Global Stock Market Game Brief Description of the Site: It has been said that a chimpanzee throwing darts at the stock table could probably pick stocks as well as some Wall Street gurus. Perhaps, but that doesn’t stop thousands from trying their luck with the market. This site lets you,

Game Makeover

Game Makeover From The University of Cambridge's "Millennium Mathematics Project" comes "nrich, enriching mathematics." Which is exactly what this site does, in a very amusing fashion, by offering a series of interactive mathematics-based logics puzzles in five series, each more difficult than the

Agventure Game

Agventure Game This extremely interactive adventure tests your knowledge of agriculture while guiding you around a farm. Control your bee to earn honey as you learn about the farming industry and have some fun at the same time. USDA, Farm Service Agency • Learning Games • Audio