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Casio Superior Series Projector


High quality laser/LED hybrid lamp-free tech offers 4,000 lumens high brightness, tempered by lower total cost of ownership (eliminating lamp costs, lamp replacement labor costs, and filters). Remote control of the PC and projector by smartphone or tablet enables teachers to project the screens they want to show from anywhere in the classroom, including the ability to display up to four student’s PCs at once. One Click Connection and other education solution features adds to the convenience. 


Pilot X

Latest addition, Pilot X, is a tablet-based, battery-operated wireless digital teaching station that's designed for ultra-mobility. Teachers are unchained from desks and podiums thanks to the removable tablet design. The same wireless and touch annotation capabilities as the Pilot 3 keeps the class connected, with HD resolutions up to 4K. The tablet can be charged while docked in the station and removed for security at the end of the class.

Consequential Robotics


This emotionally engaging biomimetic robot companion is an adorable way to enhance coding, education, research and therapy. A highly featured platform with the versatility to aid students in learning the basics of programming all the way through to advanced users producing practical applications. MiRo-E encourages a diverse range of pupils to become enthusiastic about robotics and coding.

Brainbox Games

Magic Spell

Magic Spell is an inclusive spelling adventure. Spelling levels are fully customizable with dyslexia-friendly font assisting the needs of all pupils. Schools have access to an easy-to-use dashboard, 150+ spelling challenges and can track success across Y1-6 spelling objectives.

Sascha Zuger

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