The Committed Sardine

Name:The Committed Sardine

Brief Description of the Site:
The Committed Sardine is produced by members of the InfoSavvy group that includes noted technology expert Ian Jukes. Of particular interest at this site are the "Presentation Handouts" which provides access to the presentation materials of members of the group. The E-zine section of the site provides access to the Committee Sardine online magazine-signup instructions are located at the bottom of the document. Information about InfoSavvy consulting activities complete the site.

How to use the site:
This site is filled with useful information and fresh perspectives on a variety of issues pertaining to education, and in particular, technology. Begin by exploring the presentation handouts of Ian Jukes; "Dancing on Quicksand" and "The Challenge of Change" are particularly interesting. Be sure to sign up for the E-zine to get timely information about technology and schools delivered to you each month.

Submitted by:
David Jakes