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The Science Behind the News

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You can spend a lot of time browsing through this site from the University of Wisconsin. The home page has a section on science in the news that delves into current topics that are covered exhaustively. In addition, there are hyperlinks to questions about weather, book reviews, great images, and archives of articles back to 1996, which are arranged by subject and by theme. There is also a section that correlates Why File stories with National Science Education Standards. The classroom activities include interactive games, lesson plans, and discussion questions. This is a treasure trove of current science topics.

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The Why Files: Science Behind the News

The Why Files: Science Behind the News No matter the grade level, teachers of science and science-related topics will appreciate this site, which relates science to recent events and everyday occurrences. Typical topics: "Vitamin C - Could It Cure Cancer?" and "Hurricane Katrina: Was it Global

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Science & Nature: The Life of Mammals

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The Science of the Olympic Winter Games

 A 16 part video series from the partnership of NBC and the National Science Foundation, on the physics, biology, chemistry, and materials engineering behind the Olympic Winter Games. Videos such as Slapshot Physics and Figuring out Figure Skating give new meaning