Thomas Johnson Middle School

Name:Thomas Johnson Middle School

Brief Description of the Site:
Thomas Johnson Middle School serves grades seven and eight in Lanham, MD. The school's Web site focuses on the nuts and bolts of the academic program and also offers links to general information about procedures, calendars, lunch menus, etc.

How to use the site:
The Home page provides links to a broad range of areas as well as the school's mission statement plus information about college financing. Each linked area then offers a more detail about specific topics, such as: Course Descriptions, Staff, and General Information. Parents are able to check homework assignments, Email staff members, learn about the school's academic program, and find answers to many of their general questions about school programs. Students are assigned to academic teams and each team hosts an introductory page in the Staff area with specific team information. The tone set on this site strongly emphasizes the importance of academics and parental support.

Submitted by:
Kyle Bacon