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Time Lord

Time Lord is an interactive game that tests your knowledge of many areas of history. Through video and audio clips and questions, you can make your way across the virtual board to win. The questions cover the following areas: Exploration, Military and War, Mysteries of History, Political and Historical Figures, Science and Technology, Society and Culture, U.S. History, and World History. You can play as a single player without registering.

World Archipelago for The History Channel

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Jazz in Time

Jazz in Time A unique interactive timeline that captures the history of jazz in both its earliest forms and its contemporary ones. View black-and-white pictures of legendary musicians and listen to fabulous recordings of key performers (Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis) and key jazz

The Starving Time in Jamestown

Students will work with primary resources such as diary entries to investigate a historical situation, the starving time in Jamestown.  This interactive site raises questions that students can attempt to answer using 21st century skills. They may also realize that

The Official U.S. Time

Name: The Official U.S. Time Brief Description of the Site: Are you on Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time? And is yours one of the U.S. states and/or territories that do not adhere to Daylight Savings Time? Which ones? The answer is here, on the home page’s interactive map of the U.S. and

Loosey Goosey Rhyme Time

Loosey Goosey Rhyme Time Ideal for younger children and/or ELL students, this site reinforces reading and pronunciation skills by saying each word in a simple classic nursery rhyme, adding a simple-to-solve challenge to make the site more engaging. The bold graphics are more appealing to younger

Walk Through Time

Name: Walk Through Time Brief Description of the Site: Created by the famed British Broadcasting System, it bills itself as “A History Web Site for 7 to 9 Year Olds.” And a delightful one it is, indeed. This is definitely NOT a product of stuffy old Victorian England but rather of a hip and youthful U.K. The

Playing With Time

Playing With Time Playing With Time is an exhibit that offers a look at events in the natural world that happen too quickly or too slowly for mere mortals to perceive. By clicking on "to see and do" at the top of the page you are able to access galleries of images and video that document these changes.