T&L Live PD Library: Creative Learning Spaces

Sarah Connell's Growing Apps Presentation explores the use of apps for activating green spaces while presenter Alice Barr looks at how technology can impact and create a positive school culture

The Evolving School Library: Joining Forces with Tech Departments

Many successful school library programs are joining forces with technology departments. This session offers tips for successful library/tech collaboration and tools to remix the Library Media Center for today’s students using podcasts, ebooks, blended learning, and more. Presented by John Marcus, Donna Liebman, Deborah Marshall & Lisa Ward, and Barbara Johnson.

Rethinking Learning Spaces
The right mix of interactive hardware solutions and mobile devices can improve traditional teaching methods with cross-curriculum content and resource-rich lessons. Presented by Steven Baule, Kevin Ryan & Melissa Wilson, Tom Neff and Ed Kitchen.

  • Rethinking Learning Spaces Presentation #1
  • Rethinking Learning Spaces Presentation #2

Redesigning Your Learning Space on any Budget
Michelle Cooper and Tanna Fiske present ideas and examples for rethinking your learning space- and how to pay for it.

Evolving Role of the Library Media Center
Resources, images and examples from presenters Andy Marcinek, Kevin Windsor, and Jennifer Trombino

Rethinking Learning Spaces
Images, resources and ideas from districts all across the country that are revamping the way in which their classrooms and schools are laid out to accommodate new ways of teaching and learning.

  • Resources from Buffalo Grove High School
  • Photos
  • Video: Reinvisioning Learning Spaces Panel, moderated by David Jakes
  • Video: Rethinking Learning Spaces
  • Laura Fleming’s slides
  • Sherri McNair and Shannon Mersand’s slides
  • Slideshows from the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (shared by Kay Abernathy)
  • Karen Fuller and Ian Powell’s slides
  • Carolyn Foote’s slides

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