T&L Reviews Lexia Reading Core5

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Lexia Reading Core5 assesses and remediates reading skills for students in grades PreK-5 in five areas of reading— phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. The program is designed to provide feedback and differentiated instruction to each student, providing a dashboard to help teachers track and monitor the progress of their students. Core5 is appropriate for remediation, first-time instruction, and acceleration.

Quality and Effectiveness: The Lexia Core5 learning activities, coupled with the powerful report tools, ideas for accompanying lessons, and printable worksheets, are top-notch. The activities and lessons in Core5 are engaging and age-appropriate. Each lesson and activity is aligned with Common Core State Standards. Student benchmarks were created using common measures, such as AIMSWeb, DIBELS, and the Common Core standards, among others.

Ease of Use: The student side of Lexia Reading Core5 is very easy to use. Students simply choose which lesson to work on. Instructions to students are delivered clearly and appropriately.

Detailed help guides are available for set-up, administration, and classroom teacher use. Because students are placed in the appropriate levels and lessons, teachers need do nothing more than monitor progress and provide individualized support. iPad apps and browser-based access are also available for the data management console. Student accounts can be added via automatic upload from a student data system, via a spreadsheet, or manually, depending on the size of the group you are working with.

Creative Use of Technology: As each student is assessed individually, the program determines where students are struggling, and provides immediate feedback and corrective guidance to help master the skills. Assessments are presented in the form of games that are designed to increase student engagement. The graphics and language used are age- and developmentally appropriate. The detail of the reports generated, as well as the ability to look at individuals, entire classes, grade levels, and whole schools, is a powerful feature to help track student progress throughout a district. The granularity of the reports generated allows teachers to pinpoint where students need help, and how to best support them in their learning.

The individualized action plan for each student is a unique and powerful feature to help every student become a successful reader. The Core5 program is not just technology; it is purposefully designed to interface with face-to-face instruction and printable worksheets to ensure students can transfer skills to different modalities. Student progress is monitored throughout the use of the program to ensure that data is transferred from year to year.

Suitability for Use in a School Environment: Lexia Reading Core5 is appropriate for PreK-5 schools that wish to increase data-driven instruction while also increasing student achievement. The program is easy to implement and easy to integrate into a teacher’s existing curriculum.


Lexia provides assessment and scaffolded lessons to ensure students meet or exceed grade-level expectations in five areas of reading.


• Data Driven Instruction: Detailed individualized analysis of student progress allows for teachers to make informed and appropriate decisions about student progress and goals.

• Standards-Based Instruction: Detailed alignment to Common Core standards helps teachers ensure that students are meeting the appropriate standards each year.

• Differentiation: Because each student is assessed individually, an individualized plan is created to help guide and support learning.