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Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1 Tech vs. the Nor’easter (opens in new tab)
Kevin Hogan shares a report from Fox News lamenting required virtual learning during the ever-prized snow day.

2 Big Ideas for Ed Tech Leaders: Know Your Data, Part 2 (opens in new tab)
Terry Freedman offers up suggestions on what types of data an elearning coordinator should possess.

3 Science Bob: The Lincoln High Dive (opens in new tab)
Science Bob provides fun demonstrations and experiments to explain scientific concepts. This one covers Newton’s First Law of Physics.

4 Top 100 Sites & Apps of 2014 (opens in new tab)
David Kupuler shares an extensive list of the best mobile apps and online learning tools.

5 10 Professional Development Resources (opens in new tab)
Check out these ten great professional development resources for teachers.

6 Green Screen Technology Powers Amazing App (opens in new tab)
Common Sense Media offers a new movie maker app that utilizes green screen technology. The movie maker app is both fun and instructive for students.

7 My Favorite iPad Apps of 2014 (opens in new tab)
Özge Karaoglu has compiled a list of her favorite iPad apps from 2014. The list features apps ranging from video makers to voice recorders.

8 Top 10 Ed Tech Trends of 2014: Part 1 (opens in new tab)
Read all about the top trends in educational technology of 2014. From online learning tools to the rise of competencies and certificates, the landscape of edtech is changing quickly.

9 Fun Science Tool Teaches Kids about Plate Tectonics (opens in new tab)
Piece together Earth’s tectonic plates with fun and engaging science activities.

10 5 Modern Learning Routines (opens in new tab)
Explore your routines and discover new routines to help achieve your desired goals.