My Favorite iPad Apps of 2014

My Favorite iPad Apps of 2014

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This year, just like the other years, I have had the chance to try out different apps in my App Class with my students. And here is my list of favorite Apple apps that really work in an 1:1 iPad class!

Adobe Voice (opens in new tab) is the very first app on this list. It is free and it gives the chance to children to use their pictures or their text and record their voices with music at the background. I have used this app many times for so many different activities in my classes.

Tellagami (opens in new tab) is certainly sharing the first place with Adobe Voice. It’s very great app with so many possibilities to integrate in different context. Tellagami helps you to create your own avatar, choose a background and record your voice for your animated avatar.

There are not so many poster makers on the market but certainly me and my students’ favorite one is the Phoster (opens in new tab). Yes, it’s a paid app but it is really easy to use and a cool way to create posters and share with others.

PicCollage (opens in new tab) is another app that we have been using a lot in class. As it is very user friendly and let students write and add props in a picture, it’s a treasure in my class.

Animoto (opens in new tab) is not a new app but as it is one of the easiest way to create videos with pictures, videos and text, it is one of the tools that I use it in class. I can add Voicethread (opens in new tab) to that list as well!

Videolicious (opens in new tab) is another favorite on this list. It is a great tool to create videos from your pictures, by adding music and your voice. Students love this one!

I would certainly add SpekingPhoto (opens in new tab) ad Shadow Puppet (opens in new tab) apps to this list as they are my students’ favorites! It really makes it easy to record our voices over our pictures and share it with the others.

QR Code Scanner and Creator (opens in new tab) is another one that we have used a lot in class in so many different ways. Kids love it and I love it!

FriendStrip (opens in new tab) is another app on this list as it boosts the creativity and the imagination of the kids! Simply just pick a story and personalize it with your pictures and texts!

The very last one is the Biscuit (opens in new tab) app! With this app, you can create your own vocabulary list and it will give you the definitions immediately. You can keep that list and you can get notifications on your smart phones that will remind you the word and show you the definition.

What has been your favorite app this year?

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