Top10 Web Stories

Top10 Web Stories

1. New Tools for Schools
Get up to speed on brand new products and major updates in software, online tools, apps, and hardware.

2. 5 Tips for Education Blogging: #EdCampNYC Takeaways
Want to start your students blogging? Here are helpful tips on commenting, keeping up, and when and where to post.

3. My Best and Worst IT Lessons: Why?
We all have “car crashes of lessons.” Terry Freedman and Shelly Terrell discuss why these mistakes are important.

4. Google Drive’s Best-Kept Secret
Did you know you can turn a Google Drive folder into a makeshift server? Learn how to host your classroom podcasts for free!

5. Is My School #CIPACompliant?
Does your school provide free or reduced lunch? Find out how to receive up to 90% off Internet services while preparing students for success.

6. How Schools Use Learning Management Systems
Help your students soar! Learn about the top-rated learning management systems that deliver relevant, individualized materials.

7. 25 Useful Resources for Teachers
Follow these links to great Web sites on everything from gaming to creating cartoons, endangered sounds, and more.

8. Vocabulary App Supports Practice, Understanding
With music, cool characters, and multiple learning opportunities, World’s Worst Pet keeps students engaged as they learn words they’ll use every day.

9. Free Introduction to Project-Based Literacy Instruction
Find out about this complimentary 15-day lesson plan to boost literacy skills through reading, writing activities, and group collaboration.

10. Preventing the Theft of Computers, Laptops, and Tablets in Schools
Safeguard your edtech equipment investment by implementing these top tips from Michael Trucano.