McGraw-Hill Education Launches Free Introduction to Project-Based Literacy Instruction

McGraw-Hill Education, a learning science company, today announced the launch of SRA FLEX Literacy Projects Jumpstart, a free introduction to project-based literacy intervention for grades 3-12. Released today in conjunction with the 2016 National Title I Conference, the complimentary 15-day lesson plan covers all five stages of the SRA FLEX Project Experience, aiming to boost literacy skills through reading, writing-centered activities and group collaboration.

The free, introductory FLEX Literacy Projects Jumpstart bundle includes:

  • The FLEX Literacy Projects Startup Guide and Login Card
  • FLEX Literacy Projects resources for either Elementary (3-5) or Secondary (6 and above) classrooms
  • A Collaboration, Presentation and Writing Assessment Guide
  • A FLEX Literacy Projects ePresentation, among other FLEX Literacy Projects Resources

The program’s writing-centered projects include research, presentation and collaboration. Students can apply their literacy and technology skills to science, social studies and health projects to make cross-curricular associations with projects.

For more information about FLEX Literacy, visit: