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1 What’s New: New Tools for Schools
Discover the newest, most useful, and innovative software, online tools, apps, and hardware.

2 T&L Live @ School CIO Summit: A Curated Social Media Hub
Find out what’s trending (e.g. #GoOpen) and where to go for more information at this one-stop shop presented by T&L editors.

3 When Students Self-Assess: Sharing Reflections and Feedback
Learn how to renegotiate the power of the grade by engaging students in a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, process.

4 Gamification: Achievements in the Fifth-Grade Classroom
Gamification can engage all students in learning, give them a sense of achievement, and appeal to their interests— all at the same time.

5 Ten Ideas to Transform STEM
Expand your definition of STEM and explore the possibilities for active and authentic learning.

6 2016 3D Printer Roundup
Consider ease of use, availability of consumables, noise level, and safety, in addition to cost, for these top five 3D printers.

7 Video: EdTech Showdown
Decide which is best for your classroom by watching this quick, side-by-side comparison of two popular options for digital portfolios and assessment.

8 Project-Based Learning in Computing
With proper scaffolding, you can teach students how to coordinate and make the most of limited time and resources.

9 Web Tools Essays and Projects
Feedback is important—but time-consuming. These tools (and a video) will get you started giving feedback through screencasting.

10 Five Teacher Personas to Discuss Innovative Practice
Innovative educators are natural hackers. Check out these teacher personas and reflect on how you innovate learning through one of them.