Brief Description of the Site:
Xap.com provides student services for higher education And offers online applications for hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the country. Students, their families, and counselors can explore higher education opportunities, select colleges and universities that best match their needs and interests, search for scholarships and grants, apply for financial aid electronically, and communicate directly with campuses nationwide. There is no cost. The only fees are those required by institutions for students submitting applications.

How to use the site:
Students and counselors can get online assistance with college selection and the college application process. Counselors can create separate accounts to keep track of students¹ progress or use Xap.com as a tool in meetings with students, using the information on the site in a one-on-one setting. Modules include XapPack, which organizes information and activities that a college-bound student must face. Prepare helps student prepare for going to college and has an interactive student planner for courses and tests and a timeline of steps to take. Students will also find information on career selection, financial aid, and they can use the site¹s electronic applications to many colleges and universities

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