BETT 2012: Your Guide to What’s New, Part 2

London's BETT conference attracts more than 600 educational suppliers and 30,000 visitors for four days of innovations and inspirations, and provides a venue where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. Featured below are some of the exciting new educational products and services launching at BETT this week. Visit BETT 2012: Your Guide to What’s New, Part 1 here.Neuron Learning English Programs (

Neuron Learning is launching its suite of programs that allow teachers to implement English language courses in a systematic, engaging way. The programs apply neuroscience principles to improve students’ ability to process information. Students work on the computer-based programs in the classroom or at home, and engage in exercises that develop English language and reading skills. The programs offer a range of materials and diagnostic information for teacher support.

OneLan TV Streaming and Data Capture (
OneLan is showcasing several products at BETT. The company develops network appliances for standalone and end-to-end Digital Signage network solutions. Its TV Streaming platform provides the tools to stream videos around a school and manage the recording, storing and redistribution of content as required by specific signage solutions. Data Capture Engine enables the capture, collation and re-purposing of business data stored in Excel files, SQL databases, MS Exchange servers and XML files to be accessed and displayed on Digital Signage. (Visit Stand T23 at BETT).

Oxford University Press Digital Resources (
Oxford University Press (OUP) is unveiling several new digital resources, created in collaboration with teachers and students worldwide. One of these tools is a suite of free, professional development (UK primary) resources-- there are new and updated videos and e-books on the PD website Oxford School Improvement. There are also new OxBoxes (UK secondary) for GCSE Science, KS3 MFL and GCSE and A Level Geography. These kits are customizable, and provide digital classroom resources, lesson planning, and assessment tools for blended courses.

Panopto Focus 4.0 and Unison (
Panopto, Inc. has launched its next generation of products, Focus 4.0 and Unison. These programs provide simple tools for searching, editing and viewing lecture recordings on a desktop or mobile device. Created by education experts at Carnegie Mellon University, the products help teachers capture, edit, stream, archive and share lecture and lesson content. Focus brings next generation lecture capture to institutions, while Unison improves asset management by allowing universities to upload records to their Panopto libraries. The products can be used separately or together.

Planet MovieBox (
Planet Enterprises’ MovieBox series of kits contains all the materials teachers need to integrate creative media technology into the teaching and learning process. Each MovieBox includes a mobile case designed to be portable and easy to store. The kits are easy to use with minimal setup time, and include all the tools needed for storyboarding, recording, editing and more, through the completion of the final product.

PlayBrighter (
PlayBrighter combines computer gaming with studying in a unique online platform that offers educational games to engage students. It can be used to teach any subject, and teachers can choose from a database of over 2000 question sets or input their own questions. The subscription package includes high-quality Flash games that focus on a “mission” set by teachers. The results are accessible to teachers in the form of a detailed breakdown of results, and the students receive a mission grade.

PresenterWare and PresenterCard (
Turning Technologies has released the latest additions to its product line of student response solutions. PresenterWare and PresenterCard provide remote control of TurningPoint polling applications and allow teachers to move around the classroom while progressing through interactive voting presentations. The tools offer support for Apple devices, and are compatible with TurningPoint and TurningPoint AnyWhere voting applications. (Visit stand E96 at BETT).

SISRA Assessment Tracker (
SISRA has launched the Assessment Tracker, a program that helps schools analyze up to 4 sets of assessment data in a single report and compare the data to exams, mocks or targets. This is designed to help schools identify and monitor strategies for positive intervention. (Visit stand L16 at BETT).

Skoog töo (
Skoog is launching the Skoog töo, a software platform for IWBs and touchscreens that turns these devices into an intuitive and expressive musical interface. The Skoog is a new musical instrument for young elementary school students, consisting of various instruments squeezed into one box of technology.

Spellzone English course (
The Spellzone English course can be used to teach and improve spelling in schools, colleges and adult learning centers. Written by a dyslexia specialist, the course can be used to assist students with dyslexia or English Language Learners. The course covers all English spelling rules, and allows users to upload their own vocabulary lists. It also features games to support learning and interactive course tests with instant feedback. The online course can be used at home, school, and also accessed from a mobile device or iPad.

StrataLogica (
Herff Jones / Nystrom, provider of classroom wall maps and globes, has made their content available in dynamic layers with StrataLogica. The web-based program, powered by the Google Earth API, gives teachers and students the chance to interact with the world through a computer or interactive whiteboard. It also allows users to share and collaborate with others around the world. (Visit stand F121 at BETT).

uLog (
TimStar’s product uLog offers a low cost way to do sensing and datalogging in the lab or classroom. It includes sensors that plug into a computer and become the datalogger, and software that allows for the data transfer to spreadsheets, word processors and email. Each sensor takes its power from the computer, and the software is multiplatform compatible.

UniServity Life Learning Cloud (
UniServity has launched updates for the Life Learning Cloud. The website offers an easy to use, safe online learning space that’s friendly and flexible for students of all ages. The learning platform can be used by students to achieve goals, at home or at school. The company has also launched the Life Foundation, a teacher network for innovative thinking in online learning technologies. (Visit stand E125 at BETT).

Vision2Learn for Schools Course (
The online learning provider vision2learn for schools has released its latest Full Level 2 qualification, Business and Administration, to help UK students gain practical, relevant skills. The course is one of over 50 accredited online units and resources for levels 1 and 2. The course has an easy to use interface, interactive elements, and graphics to help reinforce key messages such as the principles of supporting change in a business environment. (Visit stand SW4 at BETT).

Vivo Rewards Online Rewards Solutions (
Vivo Rewards is launching new online rewards solutions for primary and secondary schools, as well as a teacher rewarding prototype designed to help administrators motivate teachers for improved performance. Vivo for secondary schools provides a parental module to track student progress, and new “content corners” to engage students. Vivo Stars for primary schools allows teachers to reward Vivo points through a drag and drop interface. Students exchange these points for clothes, accessories, and backgrounds for their own online avatar. The system also offers educational games. Finally, Vivo for Teachers provides educators with a personal account of their activities and performance, along with a greater variety of rewards. (Visit stand R56 at BETT).

Vocab Express National Language Championship (
Vocab Express has launched a free, week-long national language championship for secondary schools in the UK and Ireland to take place in the spring of 2012. The event will be showcased at BETT in January. Participating students will be able to log on to a website and test their vocabulary knowledge, using an innovative points and scoreboard system. (Visit stand U44 at BETT).

WordQ and SpeakQ (
SpeakQ, goQ’s voice recognition software, can now be combined with the literacy software WordQ for a powerful writing tool. Users can switch between typing and speaking, and move from dictating text to using the thesaurus or homophone examples provided. Users benefit from the combination of speech input to generate text, word prediction to check meaning, and speech feedback to ensure correct dictation. SpeakQ also eliminates interruptions caused by difficult to spell words.

XPAND 3D Educational Network (
XPAND 3D is introducing the Educational Network, providing 3D instructional technology to educators in K-12 and beyond. The company has teamed up with industry leaders to supply network members with free, high-quality educational content. The company’s PowerPoint 3D plug-in allows users to easily add 3D images and graphics to PowerPoint presentations, and educators can share their presentations on the network. (Visit stand K12 at BETT).