ePals Announces Commercial Launch of New Learning Products in China

ePals Corporation today announced the commercial launch in China of a new product line for collaborative learning through its joint venture NeuPals, as well as the first customers for this offering in a district of over 10,000 students in the city of Shenyang.

NeuPals’ new products – the result of two years of planning and pilots - provide Chinese schools with curricula, media products and collaborative experiences with other schools around the world. The product line provides language learning practice and builds skills that meet the new innovative teaching and learning goals set by China’s Ministry of Education as well as U.S. Common Core State Standards.

Approximately 50 percent of all classrooms in the Hunnan district are being paired with U.S. classrooms from across 20 states for online exchanges. Students, teachers and parents will be using the ePals platform to share through emails, documents and live streaming video.

Product websites include: www.ePals.com; www.Cricketmag.com; In2Books.com; and www.ToolsforSchool.com.