Computing and ICT vocabulary

Computing and ICT vocabulary

Trawling through the articles published on my original website, I came across this one about vocabulary. Happily, the “new” publication it refers to is still available. Incidentally, I’m a great believer in paying attention to vocabulary and the correct use of correct terminology, so at the end of this “reprint” I’ve inserted a couple of references to other articles I’ve penned on this subject. The original article was published in 2008, and is shown in a different font, below.

Limited vocabulary

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It's axiomatic that children with poor vocabulary are greatly disadvantaged. A newly-published document from the DCSF entitled "Teaching Effective Vocabulary" suggests teaching strategies to help such children. Now, although the publication seems to be aimed at teachers of very young children, and specifically in regard to their English skills, I think this is worth looking at for hints and tips on the teaching of educational ICT-specific vocabulary.

There are some great suggestions here. None of it rocket science, and you could definitely start applying some of the methods from Day 1. It goes beyond the common exhortation to put words up on a flipchart at the start of the lesson. Here are just two of the many suggestions:

  • "Planning for the introduction of new vocabulary.You could indicate on short term plans where and how new vocabulary will be introduced.
  • Encouraging “word of the day”. You and the pupils identify a new word each day and attempt to use it in context as many times as possible."

This publication is free, and available from the National Archives.

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