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LearnSprout Announces New Early Warning Solution for K-12 Schools

New Service Identifies At-risk Students Early to Help Prevent Dropouts; Measures Students’ Response to Intervention
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SAN FRANCISCO - (January 14, 2015) - Today LearnSprout, a leading education data analytics company, announced the launch of the LearnSprout Early Warning Solution (EWS), a comprehensive data analysis service to help schools identify at-risk students early enough to provide targeted interventions. The service, available to all K-12 schools and districts, helps educators understand the strengths and weaknesses of the school by leveraging recent assessments and live data from their existing student information system.

“We are excited about the ways that LearnSprout EWS will provide critical insights to K-12 educators,” said Frank Chien, CEO of LearnSprout. “In working with customers over the past year, they’ve made it clear that there is a real need for a solution that identifies at-risk students early enough to make a positive impact. The LearnSprout EWS is an affordable solution that provides deep insights without the need for large-scale implementation or training.”

In addition to identifying at-risk students, LearnSprout EWS also identifies systemic issues at a school that are affecting performance for groups of students. By analyzing live student data, LearnSprout EWS will identify the percentage of students in each grade level and demographic subgroup who are at-risk.

Educators who piloted LearnSprout EWS had high praise for the solution. Michael Fuller, principal at Gateway High School in San Francisco said, “Prior to using LearnSprout EWS, we spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pull the data we needed from our information systems. We can now easily track who is being successful at our school and by identifying at risk students earlier, are able to adjust our approach to better support their path to graduation and college.”

"LearnSprout has totally changed the way we support students. I used to spend hours each week sifting through our student information system, Excel docs, and teacher referrals before I could even meet with a student in need of support,” said Amy Owen, student success coordinator at Northtown Academy in Chicago. “Now I have all the data I need in one place at the beginning of the week and am able to assign my intervention teams with more insight, thought and purpose. LearnSprout has helped us become data driven and more targeted in our approach to student support services.”

LearnSprout EWS leverages a “hands on” approach, and brings a team of experienced data analysts to bear on a school’s data making it possible to identify key insights that might otherwise be missed by automated systems. The team conducts a comprehensive analysis of a school’s data and generates customized reports that call out the unique at-risk factors that are impacting student outcomes. Once the analysis is complete, the final report is methodically presented back to the school to address questions and ensure clarity.

The introduction of LearnSprout EWS expands on the company’s free service which presents school administrators with a live dashboard highlighting college readiness, chronic absenteeism and attendance analytics. Since its launch in fall 2013, LearnSprout’s dashboard has seen dramatic growth and is now used by more than 2,500 schools in 42 states.

LearnSprout EWS is available starting today for all K-12 schools and districts. To learn more, or to register for a demo, visit https://learnsprout.com/ews

About LearnSprout

LearnSprout’s mission is to help all stakeholders in K-12 education use data to understand the past, analyze the present and anticipate the future. Established in 2012, LearnSprout has grown quickly to become one of the leading data analysis solutions for K-12 education, providing robust at-risk student identification, college-readiness tracking, chronic absenteeism reports and historical trends analysis.



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Two leading education brands, Atomic Learning and Versifit, announce their unification to form Hoonuit (@Hoonuit), a comprehensive suite of products that allows educators to tap into intuitive data analytics and professional development courses. Its first solution, Early Warning, uses predictive analytics to allow educators to observe behavior, implement interventions and take action all in one central place. Early Warning will launch at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference on June 27, 2017. 

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